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Does anyone have a jacket in camel from Falcon? I'm considering the chesterfield or the fishtail and would like an accurate measure of the color
Befriend the sales associates or hope to win the genetic lotto. If you have one or two items that you must must have feel free to PM me.
Carson Street is having a 50%private sale at the moment for friends and family. The open sale will probably be a few weeks after the initial pillage.
Where was the purchase made? From your pictures they seem to be. 
TBS: FW14-20-XU1HO
I can personally attest to this. I stopped by the warehouse today and was completely overwhelmed by the hospitality and service rendered by Kyle and Greg. They were patient and provided for me in every imaginable way.there's plenty of amazing pieces there that beg to be felt in person (I feel as if I'm borrowing these words from Kyle) and while the Internet pics are great they do no justice when compared to the actual pieces.I intended on only purchasing knitwears but...
Tres Bien model wearing TOJ?   The jacket was no where to be found in their outerwear lineup.  
Received my black/black toj0 today. Supple lamb sleeves and a ridiculously smooth body along with the occasional sun-soaked glint off the button makes this one of the sickest jackets that I've ever owned. Thanks TOJ crew and trust in charly. Fit pics coming up soon
WTB: leather toj size 48/50. With ~18 shoulders.
When'd you place your order?
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