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Tres Bien model wearing TOJ?   The jacket was no where to be found in their outerwear lineup.  
Received my black/black toj0 today. Supple lamb sleeves and a ridiculously smooth body along with the occasional sun-soaked glint off the button makes this one of the sickest jackets that I've ever owned. Thanks TOJ crew and trust in charly. Fit pics coming up soon
WTB: leather toj size 48/50. With ~18 shoulders.
When'd you place your order?
My mind is torn between two leather jackets. Should my first TOJ jacket be a MDR or a four zip Moto? Both of which look ridiculously good, any input from TOJ enthusiasts? 
this is sick.   hopefully SF will do a series of interviews with designers that reveal how they got into fashion.
Bodybuilding.com sent me an extra $130 dollars worth of supplements by mistake, when I called up to inform them, they told me to keep it.     CHRISTMAS CAME EARLY THIS YEAR
looking to trade a toj1 size 46 with +1' lengths jason bourne colorway   for a size 48 or 50 toj1 
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