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Is a plaid/madras blazer formal enough to wear to court during the summer time?
Are the wool tokito jackets warm enough as a primary winter coat? I have a WWII era peacoat that's just not warm enough for me for NYC winter. Looking to change to a parka style jacket. It's really hard finding one that's slim fitting and has enough insulation without being bulky.
Would waxing a jacket work if the shell is made of 80% cotton 20% poly? Does a garment have to be 100% cotton to wax it?
I haven't ordered any one size fits all hats. I've measured myself as 59cm and the one I got by "Olney was still too big. :( I should have just ordered 3 sizes and returned the ones that didn't fit.
Does anyone have any recommendations on where I can buy an authentic or vintage boater hat in the NYC area? I've tried buying two online and they didn't fit and the return costs killed me. I figure it's best to try them on in person.
What color and type of pants would go well with a black velvet blazer for a black tie event?
Are J Crew Slim fit shirts slimmer in the arms as well? I stopped buying J Crew shirts a long time ago because they're way too baggy but I haven't tried their slim fit shirts yet. Most of my shirts are Gitman Brothers Vintage. Is the fit similar to GBV? 
Do indigo dyed garments bleed a lot? I ordered the star iron ore shirt and was wondering if it requires any kind of special care? I already own a Gitman Vintage shirt with a star pattern but I want to see the iron ore shirt in person since it's gotten so much praise on here. I also like the pocket watch pocket/slit.
I personally think all shirts should be ironed unless the material is meant to look wrinkly like linen or seersucker. It's pretty standard decorum to iron ones clothes.
The dobby shirt is nice but looks like a pain in the arse to iron. 
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