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Thanks for these thoughts and observations Despos!! 
I am seeing my tailor next week on Tuesday and posted a series of pictures of 2 Hiras Tailor Suits on Page 177, post #2649.  Thanks very much for your time any comments you can give me before my appointment next week. 
Here are 2 M2M suits made for me by Hiras Tailors freshly pressed.  The top one is Black and the lower one Charcoal Grey.  I think both were cut the same. The Hiras tailor is coming to our area in 2 weeks and I have an appointment with him to inspect the fit.  I like how both suits fit and how they feel on me. The Black fabric is Dormeuil Amadeus, has a pleasing sheen, I am not sure about the charcoal but the cost was lower so i am thinking it is of lesser quality. My...
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