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I just received two Suitsupply suits in the mail (London and Napoli).  While both jackets are excellent, I am finding the pants to be a little tight in the waist and seat.  Does anyone have any experience with letting out Suitsupply pants in the waist and seat?  Is there enough material?   Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Wow.  Those pants are incredible!
Those look quite nice.  I wouldn't hesitate to buy them.
It's your wedding - do what makes you happy.  Some people wear sneakers to their own wedding.  I wore my Speedmaster with a tuxedo because it's my favourite watch and my wife gave it to me as an engagement present.  Hopefully everyone can forgive me for breaking the "rules" of style.   And I strongly disagree with ubelragazzo.  I suppose some people might think you have some place to go after your wedding, but that seems like a rather strange inference so I really...
Good thread.  I just bought a solid brown tie and I can't wait to start wearing it.
Suitsupply comes to mind but I don't think it has a window.
I'd go with Tissot personally.
Excellent fit steffenbp11!
That tie looks great!
Unfortunately I don't have a solution, but I would think this is definitely one of those situations where function should take precedence over form.   Also, it's good to see a Saskatchewan guy on SF!  I'm currently living in Saskatoon.
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