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I'll take that frank and oak giftcard. Msg me with your phone # and email and lets do this!
i got the Hamilton in green (M65 jacket-esque) for $41 total (originally $179) I thought it was a steal and looks much better than every other M65 type in the $40 range. Here is the grey one (which I don't like as much). I got it in a size small which is a tad tad tad bit large but luckily the jacket has cords at the waist and the hips to slim it...
Zissour, you think if I order tomorrow you can get them delivered by Christmas?
I'm interested in these, sent a pm.
Thank you, now off to hunt for the sweater! Too bad live Chat isn't available today =(
Does anybody know the name of the style # of this piece? I'd like to purchase it, but I cannot find it on their website =(
anybody home? =)
I'm interested, but I'll need to see pictures first. Where are you shipping from? (also, please reply in the pm I sent you)
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