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think so? i quite like the color
are you referring to the red one?
Hello all,   I am thinking of bidding on these 2 items, and i wanted to make sure that they are legit as i dont really have much experience with these                 Thanks a bunch!
hello all,   could anyone maybe verify the authenticity of these 2 items before i bid on them?                
hello all,   I was wondering what everyone's opinions are on unvented sport coats?
hello all,   Is it a factor if the back vent is cut too high? Like the top of the vent where it starts to separate is almost at the middle of my back. Is it possible for a tailor to sew it down a little?
Is it possible/feasible to have shoulder pads removed on a blazer to make it a bit more unstructured?
Anyone here owned orvis sporcoats or blazers before? Whats your opinion on the fit, etc.
I just bought a brown windowpane tweed blazer, what type of pants do you suggest i wear with it? Would khaki chinos be a bit much?
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