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I'd live in Berlin for a year or two. Did that in Rome not long ago, it was pretty excellent minus not being about to order anything online. Oh and everything closing between roughly 1 to 3:30pm.
The elusive 6 pack. The advice here really depends on your body and metabolism. Some can achieve 7-8% body fat easily, others never at all. Diet is the biggest thing. Most everybody eats too much. Cut out all refined sugars and keep carbs at no more than 100 daily. I've noticed good results from high intensity circuit training. Keep your heart rate up for 40+ minutes and you'll see results. Good exercises to mix up there are ladder sprints, box jumps, burpees, and rowing.
Hello to all. I lurked on here for a bit trying to find the right pair of double monks. This forum introduced me to AE, which has become my favorite affordable non-sneaker shoe manufacturer. Otherwise I'm a coffee and wine snob. Web developer by day, snowboarder by winter and all year round denim head. Heres to spending hard earned money on overpriced gear!
New Posts  All Forums: