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I got a pair of Acne 2 years ago. Like you mentioned the fit it awesome, was wondering if there is any other brands that has similar fit? About time to get a new pair of denims!
@YoungAmerican When I saw your avatar I thought that was UNIQLO! LOL!
  The downside living at down under I guess. I live in Indonesia/Singapore and shipping here is ridiculous as well, at times the shipping cost could actually cost more than the stuff itself.      Going back to the topic, how fast do you wear your wallet out? I myself typically gets a new wallet every 4 years, I also rotate the use of the wallets switching them around every couple of months. My point is, if you wear your wallet out quickly, I wouldn't go for something...
Thanks for the great post! Thankfully it was featured to the front page. We need more posts like this around here.
Just one of the many interesting things found in the forum, never paid attention to the button-down collars before. Correct me if I am wrong, but won't the length of the collar also affect the roll? The bigger the collar is the more roll, no?  
Nice, every brand should have a compelling story behind it. Nonetheless this is a fine example and showcase to the world! Best of look! Hope someone in Indonesia will get some chance to try your product!
  Hey, it's vintage, it bound to have condition. But yes it does look great, classics will never die. 
Ali VS Tyson? What a tough one..
  I just went to look at the Portuguese Chrono, Handwound and the 7 days reserve. Boy those watches definitely looks much bigger in real life. I did not know it was actually a 44mm, I have always thought they were 42mm, guess I should've done my homework. Even at 42mm I still think they are a little bigger for my wrist. I would like to hear the other many more appealing options for the dress watch if you don't mind that is.    My reasons for wanting IWC for so long is...
  Glad I am on this forum, I'm learning by just reading through the posts that you guys made, thanks. Like you mentioned before, a watch is something valuable, I wouldn't want to purchase a watch knowing that a cheaper watch is using the same movements etc.    By reading from what you posted, do you think it is actually better to purchase the Portuguese handwound rather than the chrono? 
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