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Heads up for those in Toronto, there's a trunk show at Brooks Brothers over the next two days at their 200 Bay Street Location.
I sent in an email asking for when their Lanvin captoes would be restocked, said sometime during the season but no guarantees.
Looking for raw denim that will fit someone with bigger legs and glutes (squats), but taper down the leg so as to still look sleek. Tried on APC New Standards 29, tight around glutes/hams, alright on waist. Blew out my Diesels and Nudie Slim Jims (29) too many times, need new jeans.
Guys can anyone tell me what size to get for the APC x Kanye jeans? I want to get the stonewashed version, so I don't need to accommodate for stretching (or do I?). I owned size 29 Nudie Slim Jims but I can't fit into them anymore because my legs grew from gymming.   Thoughts?
What size do you usually wear and what size are those?
I call bullshit as well.
Hi all, I'm looking for a black solid, simple, well made pair of jeans. Also looking for the same criteria in white. A clean look is key, so no extravagant back pocket stitching or distressing/whiskering is preferable. Any suggestions?
I'll check out Suit Supply.   Harry Rosen MTM below $1000? If so sign me up!  
I need a suit for professional purposes. I'm looking for a modern fitting suit, for a slim person with an athletic build. What colour and brand would you recommend, and where would I get it in Toronto? Price needs to be below $1000.
How do Isaia shirts fit? The best fitting shirt I've worn was a Massimo Dutti one, so if anyone knows how Isaia compares (fit wise, I know the quality is miles apart), please help!
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