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btw not sure if this was already posted buy e b a t e s dot com has j crew listed
Been lurking for the past month and was really impressed by all the awesome finds so I started hitting up local thrifts. I found some pretty awesome stuff (Brioni shirt, Orvis blazer, Hickey Freeman blazer) but most of it wasnt my size   Here is some of the ties I picked up. I took multiple photos, but I have no idea how to upload it the way you guys do. These are available and I am pretty reasonable.   Hickey Freeman tie, 100% silk Robert Talbott...
Great thread. This is going to be very useful as I just started recently learning about shoe care.
Got the same ones at the same price. I really like them. If you put re-condition them they look almost as good as new
Wow. $14.50 for a custom dress shirt. What material? That's a steal. I would love to get some of that.
What are the good Goodwill/thrift stores in Atlanta?
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