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Thank you sir.
What about the tie?
This is what I think I have ultimately decided on. I wear a 43L and have a 32" waist. Do you happen to know a decent brand for a person on a budget as far as slim french cuff shirts? 
Well, I did come here for suggestions. You're almost there. 
I was originally thinking a Burgundy french cuff shirt.
What would go well (as far as shirt and tie) with a charcoal suit, park avenues, and this tie square?    
What about a a poor man's slim shirt with french cuffs? I am just starting out on a teacher's salary and money is short.
I got invited to attend this corporate Christmas party in Nashville by a really good friend that I havent spoken to in about 5 years. I have decided on a charcoal suit w/ park avenues. Here is where I am stuck. She bought me a forest green pocket square with red dots from J/Crew to wear to the invent.    Here is a picture of it:   I normally do not wear greens, so I am having a hard time coming up with pairings for this. Also, if it matters, she is wearing a...
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