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Can you post pics of he 9.5?
I posted my mistake in sizing, I tried on a 9.5 and it felt tight, so I went to a 10, these shoes do stretch so you might want the 9.5 with a little room to stretch.  I would get the 9.5 and only walk around the house for awhile to see if works for you, good luck.
Don't know if I'm in the right place to post this, but I have really enjoyed the post on this website so I thought I would share a deal with you all, I am a size 9.5 to 10 so I can't benefit.  If you go to 6pm .com they are having a clearance on two florsheim duckie brown models, the brogue boot and a long wing shoe, the bb is a 13 and the shoe is 11.5, the decription doesn't say cordovan, but if you look at the pics the soles say cordovan.  Both in the under $300 range...
Hello All,   I recently bought a pair of wolverine rockford cap toe 1000 mile boots and like an idiot i bought my true size instead of taking the advice of many on this forum, other forums, maybe websites, etc.  I tried on a regular boot 9.5 it felt a little tight in the store and the only other they had was 10.5 that felt too big (no 10 available).  So I ended up picking up a pair on ebay size 10 (my normal size).  Out of the box they felt a tad big but they have...
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