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Hello, I am moving to London from North America. My wife is under the impression that Hunter Boots are fashionable to wear in the UK. However, we will be living in Shoreditch and I will be working in the City. I worked there for a period of five weeks last year, and I do not recall seeing women wear these.
Hi guys! I am considering ordering another Indochino suit. Here is front, side and back shot of a tux I ordered from them. I have attached one frontal shot of a navy blue suit, which is an OTR 38s for comparison purposes. I prefer the body on the OTR TBH, but I am unsure of how to direct Indochino to alter my measurements so I get a better fitting suit. (Sorry about the mess. I am moving in a few days).
Interesting. Thanks!
To make a long story short, I want the lapel on a tux to have silk. The manufacturer refuses to do it. The default is a silk piping, which I do not like. Would it be possible to attach silk either overtop of the entire lapel including the piping, or a lapel with no piping at all? What the default looks like:  
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