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selling this as I've found an eg that fits me better Size small tried on once, completely new lovely shirt/jacket for spring eg olive colour £250 shipped,£30 cheaper than retail and still new pictures are my own (hence they're shit) better ones on here thanks!      
Sorry its sold, dunno how to close this thread. Thx
Added my own pics!
size 3 (large) Worn a few times but good as new Item is based in the UK (message for shipping info) Black colour Message me for measurements if you need them/more info Selling this on behalf of a mate (will endeavour it gets shipped fast) Will add pics tommorow when im home Thanks for looking!            
 didn't mean it in a derogatory manner drink! That's really good, can you order over email and do you still have any xs/small in stock? thanks 
cheers,im based in the UK so i think shipping would be a bit excessive.
how much are they drink? cheers
im selling one in black black digi camo,drop me a message if you're interested
hey guys, just wondering if the penn shirt jackets are available online anywhere yet?
Toj1 2011 Brand new, only tried on once Size 48 with standard measurements £240 shipped Item is located in the UK Message me for more details
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