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Looking to buy a TOJ1 or other (preferably reversible) varsity in stock 48.   Prefer black everything but can settle for grey. Not interested in camo MA-1 fabric side, which makes my search a little harder.
EDIT: Gone.   I've got a TOJ1 2011 in all black (black lamb sleeves, black reversible inside) in size 50. It's in excellent shape, with some minor pilling and some very light wear on the sleeves (conservative estimate: 8.5/10 overall shape).    Looking to trade for a size 48 varsity. Not too picky about what year/model, but would prefer black, grey, or navy. Let me know via PM. Thanks!
Want to Buy: Uniqlo x Undercover UU Utility Parka in size US M / Japanese L. Also may be interested in size US S / Japanese M. Either green or grey is cool.   Willing to pay full retail. Would prefer new/like new, but I'm interested in whatever.    Thank you!
Drool. Good luck selling this. I wish I had the coin...
In for one!
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