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It's not the same!   That was for Credit Card application discount and my question was on the corporate card.   Never mind, fellas...I'll just try and find out on Friday and will let everyone know.   
Just got a catalog in the mail, along with confirmation that F&F is Sept 19-22 for 25% off.   Have any of you guys had any luck stacking the Corp Card 15% off on top of this in the past?
Yeah, Will do.   Yes, you are correct...I do have RTW jackets that fit well  - I have an Armani Collezioni suit, it fits me perfectly...absolutely no wrinkles in the back.    But, these two suits, I have paid for it and altered at the BB store it is sunk money :)    I'll find a good tailor and get a second opinion - that is good advice.   THanks again!
Appreciate your detailed and thoughtful response...sounds like I flushed down a couple of grand at BB...again, really appreciate your response.
I got a couple of Brooks Brothers Milano Suits....the fit seems good (to my unsophisticated eyes) from the front....but terrible from the back...I have given it to the "tailor" at their PaloAlto store....SIX TImes!!!  Everytime, it comes back with some variation of the attached....Would really appreciate some guidance on 1.what's wrong 2. anyone in the bayarea who could fix it.    Really, appreciate your help.   Thanks a lot!          
Hey Guys,    Looking  for some advice on a Rain Coat over a Suit or Jacket. This is not for east coast....this is for silicon valley meetings where a jacket is safe, suit sometimes,  but definitely no ties.   I want a waterproof jacket on top of this...dont' want a real "rain coat"...which makes it look real formal.   What do you guys about wearing these on top of a Suit and taking it off in the customer's...
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