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A different perspective on my BLNR. After 7 months of love, the polished center links are all scratched up. Does it make me love it less? No. What's to point of a fine time piece if it doesn't fit into your life? Any of the RO owners care to share what the bracelet looks like on the underside of their wrist? I've wondered what those look like as the finish on AP's is top notch and brushed just so.
Got 10.9 miles @ 7:28/mi pace this morning on flat ground in Ohio.  Ran past 3 groups of women (10-12 each group) this morning which I thought was a little off but maybe some sort of safety thing?  
No run this morning but 2 breakfasts.  I am not ashamed.
My basement fireplace room is the perfect temperature to keep wine cool summer or winter.  Stupid fireplace...
AMZN mentions drones possible in Seattle...gives the stock a 4% bump.  I love Amazon but am too scared to buy shares.
In all actuality we could rip out the gas line and make it a wood burning fireplace but my wife would not be up for that.  Our house is weird in that there is a fireplace on the main floor, ground level then there is another one in the garage/basement.  We drive into the garage which also has the washer/dryer but then there is this room with another brick wood burning fireplace.  We will only use that room for storage as I do not foresee myself going to that room to hang...
Let's talk gas fireplaces as I need a new set of logs.  Any wood styles people like or prefer?  Do I need a remote?  Should I buy more BTUs than I need?     This has come up as the old gas line in our house needs replaced and our logs are in rough shape.  Might as well get all new and what I wouldn't mind looking at.  There are also tons of extra like that fake ember stuff, burnt logs (no function), pine cones and such as decoration...I assume if I left this up to my...
Oh hell...now that I went down this rabbit hole...the JLC Deep Sea Chronograph.  Simply a stunner and fits the bill.  It is SS and doesn't have a date but who cares. http://www.hodinkee.com/blog/hands-on-with-the-jaeger-lecoultre-deep-sea-chronograph  
 Don't let us hate on watches you think look good and you would want to own.  The last thing we would want is you spending $11K on a watch that pleases TWAT but you don't care for.  I personally don't think that looks terrible but it is made of bronze which you may want to look into as it ages differently than other metals.  As for it being a Limited Edition, that will not help it in the resale market as IWC tosses around the "Limited Edition" title like it should mean...
 I see it nearing the 50dma but the 200dma is a little above 32.  I remember day trading that in the single digits in 2012 for $0.20-$0.30 a share gains.  Scared the crap out of me though as solar was tough to get a handle on then.
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