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1.25 miles at the gym.  I have just felt lazy lately.
 Well I guess there is that end of the spectrum.  It's not that $50 is expensive, it is just that not much is offered for the money other than some monitoring.  There has to be something easier and better integrated than their big wall mounted box. Looking good Piob.  I like the build out look.
I was at my in-laws this past weekend and the garage of their condo building was like a high end car graveyard.  A bunch of GTs, Mulsanne, MP4-12C, 911s, Hurracan, and a bunch of Range Rovers just collecting dust.  Most of the clean cars were run of the mill Lexus, BMW, MB, and the like.  It is always fun to see what people will buy, sell, then just leave in that garage.
I would really like a DIY security system instead of paying $50 a month for ADT.  I am hoping Nest comes out with something as their recent camera is pretty cool with motion detection and night vision.
5 miles at a quicker pace.
If you roll your 401k into a self directed plan, you can do the stock transactions yourself and at a lower fee.  My IRA at Vanguard is more in the fund area but previously I had Capital One Share Builder where I could make day trades inside my tax advantaged account.  Like Texasmade mentioned, Bank of America may do this as well as any number of organizations.   I would run from that Advisor and find an advisor that would charge a per consult fee which you may not need...
 If it is like other floating watches, I think the sapphire actually turns and the hands are just affixed to that.  I read about them a few years ago as the history is neat on these kinds of watches.
If the stitching was tone on tone I would like them more.  I saw some chocolate suede AEs that I liked but in person the contrast stitching was just too much.  The Polo suede ones weren't too bad.
My Rain last shoes needed a couple of wears and loosened up slightly.  Depending on if I run in the mornings can change which shoes are more comfortable than others.  My more narrow shoes are not good once my feet swell too much.
Stocks up 1% for the week some after the roller coaster, not much to complain about.
New Posts  All Forums: