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You can see AH trading on Nasdaq with the size of positions traded.  We see it our on organizations stock too.  Someone will come in with a quick feeler of say 100 shares of some positive or negative price thus "creating" what people are paying AH.  I assume FB trades a lot more in AH but someone just throws that feeler out there to get the party started to where they think/want the price to go.  
 I learned how to wrench on an RSX.  They are easy to work on.  There are some basic signs to tell if the car has been modded and reverted to stock so you should be able to find a clean example.  
I only buy stock's that send individual certificates so I can hang them on my wall.  My study is wall papered in Enron stock certificates so I can go there and am reminded of my failures.   MC has stated his gambling philosophy before but we should always remind him about how bad the strategy would have been with VRX.
7 miles tonight then hit my head on the garage door so nursing a nice gash.
Tomorrow Verzion will buy TWTR to add to their portfolio of internet relics.
MB service is out of hand.  I think we are looking at an A service soon which is $450 according to the dealer which is an oil change and inspection which they completed the inspection when I had something fixed not too long ago.
I had free maintenance on my VW and the only thing a car should need in the first 36K is oil so what, 3 oil changes?  Like BMW, my VW needed things in year 4 which sucked.
If replacing vinyl with something else will not improve the value then stick with the vinyl.  I don't think I would go with a wood look myself though.
When my wife hit a pole, we took it to the shop BMW recommended which actually was part of a Cadillac dealership.  It only added a day when they had to order an extra piece that was not part of the original estimate.   The worst service on a car that I have had was with SafeLite Autoglass.  Have had employees leave power tools in the engine bay, fail to rehook up some pieces they detached, and recently on my wife's car put the windshield on without a critical piece so...
The landlord pays to fix a rental property not the new renters unless he decides to deduct what you fix from rent.  Plus he can deduct those expenses on his taxes.   @emptym - I like recessed alcoves.  Currently we have a tile soap dish with wash rag holder but the bar soap just slides right out of the dish.  I think this is more due to the shape of the Dove brand soap as a rectangular bar may stay in there.  Also my wife has a ton of bottles for who the hell knows so an...
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