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10.6 trail miles with 2,000+ ft of climb.  That was my last big run in Germany then it is back to the hot South of the US.  I heard it hit 90 in Nashville this past week when Germany has been in the 40s and great all week.
 Oscar was suppose to be the one to cure this but they have recently had issues.  Working in the hospital sector, I can tell you the whole thing is a PITA to help solve.  I think Meaningful Use Stage 3 will help which should make electronic health records transferable between systems.  People think just because they went to a Doctor at Clinic A, if transferred to Hospital A, there records should be there but that is not the case. I could rattle off tons of issues with...
Here are the few pictures I took of the watch. It is sentimental to my wife as it reminds her of her grandfather. Watch is back in a safe for now and we haven't brought up the subject of potentially purchasing it. Just looking for more information currently. Sorry for the bad pics.
Thanks!  Seems the watch is a 16803 as it is not a nipple dial but we know it is not new circa 2000s.  Hoping boxes and papers are at another house but we will not know for another week.
Does anyone have a preferred Rolex Submariner reference guide online?  It is a family watch, two-tone, blue and gold, from maybe the 80s or early 90s.  When comparing it to another two-tone watch from the same period, the watch faces are different colors.  I am just looking to find out some more information.   Also at some point the watch was serviced from a jewelry store....will a RSC service the watch now?
I have found the length to be about 0.5" longer in jacket length, a slimmer waist, and about 1.0" longer in the sleeves.  I either let out the sleeves on a regular or shorten them on a long.  As for the pants portion, I have found the rise to be higher when ordering a long as compared to the regular size.
6.9 miles today on the flats.  Trying to figure out what I want to do tomorrow.  Repeat some runs or scout some other trails.
~14 miles and 2,900 ft of gain.  One of the best runs I've had since the beginning of the year.  If I had no time commitments, some calories, and another bottle of water I would have tried for 20.
When in grad school at Purdue in West Lafayette, IN, the water tasted like crap from the tap so I bought gallon jugs of Wal-Mart "drinking water."  The jugs were filled with City of Columbus, OH water so I was basically drinking back home tap water.   Spending the week in Germany and I have realized how inferior the windows are in the US.  Why can't we have the double hinged windows in the US?  Code I'd assume?
5.5 miles today of mostly flats.  Scoping out a ~6 mile section to another village tomorrow.
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