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 Thanks for the input!  Got in 4 miles then ten 120 sec intervals with a cool down walk.  Nice to get in a workout before everyone else wakes up.
The back is ugly too.  You get to look at a huge rotor and someones bad choice to put lettering on everything they could.  If they went solid caseback I am sure they would have added some damn picture to detract from it as well.  
Well damn
 I bought Utilitech for our indoor LEDs and really like them for the price.   Need something for these type of fixtures where multiple bulbs are used.   
Not when the current day high is $99.70.
Anyone sick of LED bulb questions up in here?  Good!  I have another one.  Has anyone used LED light bulbs for exterior wall mounted fixtures?  I have converted most of the overhead lighting in our house to LEDs except for lamps (wife is resisting) and the exterior lights are the next to go.  I am going to get some exterior flood light bulbs and the fixture lights are the issue as LED seem to be better at directional light than spread around.   These fixtures probably...
It will be interesting to see where BABA tops out for the day.  Will be like the guy who bought FB for $45 on the opening day then watched it drop for the next few months.  
From a technical perspective, I assume RM watches are up there with other brands like MB&F.  They are interesting to look at as people push the boundaries but my hard earned money would go elsewhere.     The Rolex Cellini's are interesting though I have never seen anyone wearing one.  Has anyone had a glimpse of one in the wild?  Would love to meet someone and hear their reasoning.   Water resistance came up the other day in a conversation with my boss.  He scuba dives...
The 4.5 mile trail run was nice last night as I got to pick the brain of a guy who has ran the race I am running.  Out of town again this weekend and the only hills I will be able to run are on a treadmill :(
ORCL was the first stock I ever bought in my Scottrade account.  Only made like 1% after having to average down 4 times.  GE was my second stock and I surprisingly made around 10% on that one if I recall correctly.  This was when I was trading my whole portfolio, <$10,000, in one stock and let it ride.
New Posts  All Forums: