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So I have been thinking of a plan for potential additions if the market were to drop 10%, 20%, 30%, and so on.  Since most of my additions are 401(k) based, I am thinking that doubling my monthly Roth contribution at each of these levels.  For instance, if the market drops 10% and my monthly contribution is $1,000, on that day I would put in $2,000.  If it dropped to 20% below peak, I would put in another $2,000.  These amounts would be in addition to my regular...
We have State Farm insurance and they have been fine.  Easy to work with when I recently hit a deer in my car.  When we refinanced our house, our Loan Officer said our insurance rates were high but it is just a pain to shop around insurance.  We have home, auto, jewelry, and an umbrella policy.
I read it has a glass pool table.  That doesn't scream practical and I hope the buyer can afford to buy a new one after each game.
 I have only tried on a Jort but I would take the same size as my Havana jackets.  I don't recall the buttoning point off hand but I am ok with the Havana buttoning point.
 Jort uses better fabrics than the Havana or Hudson also it might be full canvassed.  I know the Jort suit in my size was full canvassed.  
7 miles last night.
 I am confused about you hating banks and buying Bitcoin, yet buying MS was not a problem.  Might as well buy GS since they had a smashing quarter.  MC holds BKD as a REIT but I would agree it is senior living.  A lot of competitors are moving into that space. Since equities have outperformed since my last purchases in early November, I had to buy bonds to help offset the higher than targeted equities asset allocation.  Since November though REITs and International have...
8.2 miles last night.  In the 50s and 60s here in Nashville so it is odd running with water in January.
Couldn't you take the seats to an upholsterer to get recovered?  OEM covers are always expensive but someone could add some extra padding for you then add some alcantara here and a little leather there and make some nice covers.  I dated a girl whose dad was an upholsterer and he recovered quite a few cars.  I remember a guy wanted some seats to match his teal EG hatch.  The teal matched (possibly vinyl) for the sides/bolsters and the centers were this wavy black fuzzy...
 This is for a closet otherwise most of my walls have visible nail pops.  Slowly going through rooms fixing these though my wife thinks it is crazy.
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