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Healthcare has had a wild week.  Has anyone thought of shares in the "investment management" type firms?  Something like OAK, CG, KKR, BX?  Decent yields is why I am asking.
Sent...hopefully I got one of the 2 size 50s in nut brown windowpane. 
 Must be a wrong quote.  I don't see any pre-market trades that low.
Carrara marble tile, pedestal sink that matches the toilet, medicine cabinet with sconces on both sides, and polished chrome fixtures.
10.5 trail miles with 2,100' of gain.
It is just updating a small master bathroom.  
Dino has high mileage Subarus and has never mentioned an engine overhaul.  Maybe tuned vs. stock is where this issue comes in?
Decided on our remodelers.  We need to make a few fixture decisions then it should start within a month.  I am relieved that the selection process is over.
You do you SB and sit in the calm empty room before everything is moved back.  Would be a good time to get rid of things unless you truly love the pieces.
8.2 miles this evening.
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