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 I had a friend with one of these.  The first he destroyed wit dat NOS and the 2nd one he supercharged.  We used to call him Dave the Bitcher.
What are the measurements for Long sizes?  Specifically 40L?
I am a 13D in my Brooks though my normal dress shoe size is a 12D.  I feel your pain SB.
It has a name on the label so probably a returned MTM?
I am the Joneses!
The AE86/BRZ car was not a great success.  When I bought my Outback, they couldn't give away BRZs and they were the only cars discounted on the whole lot.  
The K20 from the Civic is a dog but the RSX-S motors are solid.  I had 288hp (supercharged) to the wheels on mine but everything else didn't like the power.
 Says the guy waiting on a Mc car.  Can the Tesla tow the Mc car?
7 miles last night for me.  I used to put off getting new shoes but it definitely helps keep injuries at bay.
Surprisingly in Germany it is common for people to be long-term renters and never purchase a home.  Repairs are a pain in the ass so why not have a landlord fix the large problems?  I see pros and cons for both but we are homeowners.
New Posts  All Forums: