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Nothing looks good today.  In other news, my wife is changing jobs to an organization with a 403(b).  The plan offers Vanguard funds which is nice and we get out of her old, expensive 401(k) plan.  Also if I am reading the literature correctly, they make it mandatory you save at least 3% and match all the way up to 5%.  
My issue with Hublot are the nuts on the bezel.  AP mastered this look by making them align and it helps me sleep at night.  Every Hublot picture I see has them all over the place.  It just bugs me.  I also haven't sen one I like.  I have seen a few in the flesh but that is all and none of them were worth my hard earned $$$.
 I am not worried about the dings in this watch...but the leather strap is not the best choice for sweat.
Got in a 2.5 mile hike this morning....loved the slow pace.  Legs feeling good for this weekend though yesterday's effort was only 1/5th the distance and had some slight soreness yesterday.  Finishing isn't an issue...it's my goal that may go down.
Wore my Hamilton on a morning hike. Realized I need to buy a cheapo sport watch for this sort of thing.
Got in something like 6.5 miles today followed by washing/waxing our cars.  Tomorrow will be a hike in the morning since I have the day off :)
4.5 miles on the trail last night.  This weekend will be some hiking on Saturday and maybe a quick 8 miles Sunday.  Next week will be maybe 2 shakedown low mile days before my race next weekend.
Red = buying opportunity though I'd like a little more of a drop before I'd consider it a good discount.   Anyone else get hit by some currency risk in their holdings?  We tend to have around 5K Euros on hand and the last time we bought was in the high 1.30's.  Debating on plunking down some more dollars for Euros as we are heading over there in January.
 They have a lot of crap but some of it works.  At least they are reasonably priced watches with basic ETA movements and not $2-$3K watches with the same movement.  I used it as a stepping stone for something better.
Got in 4.6 miles last night then 6.5 miles this morning.  
New Posts  All Forums: