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Do you have short arms?  I am 6'1" and a Havana in 40L fits great.  I found the Washington in 40L to be too tight so working with a 42L was a good choice.  I should be getting my jacket back from the tailor this week.  We decided against slimming as it looked great without it.  We will see as I can always take it back to get slimmed in the future.
My wife is currently on a super savings kick.  I am sure it will end in a few months but shoes and future watches were discussed.  Good thing I am satisfied with a lot at the current moment.
My 401k is up 0.84%!  All S&P 500 fund.  Don't really know about the others.  Guess I need to figure out our return quarter to date.
Here is a thought for the gamblers.  A total crap stock I added to my watch list back in maybe 2012 is KGJI.  It is a weirdly manipulated gold stock which is thinly traded.  It is erratic in behavior but on big dips, it usually gains in the future.   This is the sort of the MC jumps at.  I cannot find any news for the drop of 25% other than it dropped.  Some days it will shoot up 5-10% for no known reason to be.  I think it could be worth a few bucks but then again,...
I read somewhere that if an event is special enough to be black tie, then a watch shouldn't matter as then when you glance at it, it would signify you would rather be somewhere else.  So black tie should actually be watchless.
The Washington is sort of confusing for a jacket.  They decided 1. Peak lapels; 2. 3-2 Roll; 3. Ticket Pocket.  While my recent jacket is a Washington, it seems they threw a lot in there when they didn't have to.  Get rid of the 3-2 roll and possibly the ticket pocket and you are left with a great jacket.  
Shouldn't be much of a vapor issue unless there have been roof leaking issues.  I am adding rafter baffles for ventilation from the eaves for added peace of mind but other than that, nothing special.  Depending on your budget, I have heard the newer foam insulation sprays you can add help a lot but they are pretty expensive up front.  Our house would have been close to $10K for that alone.  We are in sort of the mid-south of the US and have quite a bit of shade from trees...
Well insulating my crawl space was easy.  Just 4 hours worth of time and it is complete.  Next up is prepping the attic for more blown in insulation.  I am thinking total cost will be right around $1,000 which is not bad at all.  
Another 4.6 miles in the books.  Finally able to run the last hill of this loop which means I am getting my running legs back.
That Kiton jacket is ridiculous!  I would wear it everyday if it fit...
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