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Shoot out some brands that are quality and worth looking into.  For some reason my trees are already losing their leaves yet none of my neighbors have this problem.
 It's only 1 day...tomorrow brings new life and a jobs report to crush us!
 Quite pricey for an Omega Speedmaster but it is top of the line.  Just don't get upset when Omega releases another similar one in a few months.  That is a nice looking watch.  Something very simple but quite the looker!  Good luck in your search.
Any leaf blower recommendations?  Thinking of a Stihl BR350 which is one step below professional grade.  With 10-20 large trees I need something with power and preferrably a backpack as I will have to use it to cover a little over an acre.  Trying to keep the price <$500.   Also a side note....anyone have a preferred brand of power equipment?  My experience has been good with products sold at specialized dealers instead of Lowe's or HD.  Though I do love my Honda mower.
Argentina, Europe, and 1,000 jobs.  If anything, today would be a good day to post earnings as the market already hates everything else.
6.5 miles this morning.  Wasn't a good run but breakfast after of 4 eggs, bacon, potatoes, and cheese really excited me!!!
It is psychological.  Damn ORCL had it out for me back in 2011.  How I look at it though is that, I liked stock X at say $28 and anything below is worth buying more so my break even drops but I keep in mind my original price as a level at which to watch the stock since I liked it at that price in the past.  I bought down on ORCL negative earnings that by the time I hit my original purchase price I was actually up something like 2-3% so I got out of it to look for other...
8.6 miles in 59* weather.  Loved it!
 Thanks for the tips.  The Bloks are really just another way to get in some calories as I try to stay around 150-200 an hour which keeps my energy up.  Have not had any sloshing or bloating due to water but cramping comes and goes with the heat.  Today it is a lot cooler here so my missed morning run will be made up tonight.
 Check out the guys at "Watches in Rome".  They have a 2 Daytona's (one red, one green) and a DJ listed.  If he really wants something fun they have a New Old Stock PP 2499. http://www.hodinkee.com/blog/vintage-watch-shopping-with-watches-in-rome
New Posts  All Forums: