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 Well those plans are to get people from no activity to running a 5K so you could probably just look up a basic 5K plan then.  Just listen to your body and stop if some pain develops when running even if in the middle of a shorter run.  As many of us will note, running injuries will come even when it is nothing out of the ordinary about our training.
Got out this morning for maybe 1.5 miles and my knee felt fine.  Lots of stretching and ice have helped and I am keeping the mileage low to see how it does.  Plus I don't want to be 4 miles from my house on an achy knee and have to walk the whole way.
 Haven't heard back yet but also haven't paid anything out of pocket.  
Still have a rental Passat.  Got a call yesterday that some sort of bearing in the transmission is the issue and they have to wait for a VW tech to come look at it.  He tried to explain VW sends techs out that are not affiliated with the dealership for warranty repairs.  Still not word on if this caused the issue of me having to get a new clutch.  Should have my car back next week.
 I would look for some sort of "Couch to 5K" program to get you back into running.  Those usually incorporate walking and running over a period of time to get your body used to the pounding.  Then you can look for bigger goals. The only reason I mention this is you running background (or lack there of) means you need to start slowly.  Good luck!
What you are describing is called rebalancing.  Read up on different aspects and when people say you should rebalance but usually it is when your asset allocation is out of balance by x%.   Example: Equities: 80% of portfolio Bonds: 20% of portfolio   Say you will rebalance whenever there is a 5% change in an asset class which is easy to calculate with only 2 asset classes so:   Time to rebalance: Equities: 84% Bonds: 16%   This means equities went up in value...
I sadly fall into the millennial category and stay away from investing topics with my friends.     My favorite quote from a millennial which was not related to investing was, "Millennials like to try new things with their work life all the time.  I am 29 and am starting my third career!"  No, you are starting your third job and it just happens to be in a different area of expertise.  I have worked in a mortgage bank, HR for healthcare, and now treasury in healthcare.  I...
Vanguard Total Stock market will definitely be a low fee that will cover the majority of your positions.  To be honest I have never seen a foreign small cap fund which would just be a gamble anyway. As for October so far, I doubt any intelligent investor with  5-10 year time horizon should worry much about what happened.  In the same light you can say most stock market gains happen between November and April so they are getting out when they should be in.   If you read...
You can get something called a mirror tv where it looks like a mirror when the tv is not on.  It is a cool concept but I cannot find costs anywhere on them.
Still taking some time off to help rehab my "runner's knee" which flares up slightly but wanted to heal it before running again.  Just doing spin bike and stretches which are helping.  Having a weak quad/thigh area leads to this so I may have to start hitting the gym for some light weights. 
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