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I've mentioned it before that the IWC Big Pilot 5002 drew me into watches when I knew nothing about them.  The comments on the article are funny in that you could replace IWC in the article with a few others and get the same result.
Relative to the beginning of 2015, it is a good time to put in contributions.  Relative to Jan. 1 we are only down 1% with the worst sector being International as to be expected.  
4 miles this morning.  Forcing myself to run mid-9 min/mi is tough.  It feels like my running mechanics are off as my stride shortens and all together slows down.  
I woke up and turned the alarm off and rolled back over.  Tomorrow I should probably get up as today I tossed and turned when I could have been running and waking up.
The guy across the street has a Land Rover Series 2 similar to the one below but without winch.  In the summer he drives this or his 80s M6 and sometimes brings out his other toys if there isn't a rain cloud in sight.  
That Southwick jacket is lovely and my size! 
I am not to the point of needing this: http://www.bogleheads.org/wiki/Backdoor_Roth_IRA
Dude...one picture of the 15300.  I feelz so unsatisfied.
Backdoor Roth IRA is an option as well.  I haven't gotten to the point of needing one but it is always ther.e
 I think my hillier/trail miles will need to start being in the 11min range if not slower for my body not to get injured.  I have the heart and aerobic capacity, it is just my poor knee.  It gets a 10day break here in a few days.
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