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 I agree 100% that it is a gamble to trade earnings.  I have seen from reading equity analyst reports that anything they are told is crafted by management.  You may be able to take cues about reaffirming guidance vs. not reaffirming but again there is a lot of speculation.  You going 3x short for the whole year?  We still haven't seen what China would do if they tossed around the word austerity.
When Kanye West releases and album, the average S&P 500 return from that date through the end of the year is 5.3%.  If tomorrow's release of 'The Life of Pablo' has the same effect as 'Yeezus' did in 2013, the stock market would close positive for the year or up roughly 11.8% from today's close.   Who else is locking in these #gainz with me?
Everyone just taking the day off from looking at the market?  Might as well.
9.3 miles last night.
 That gray with what looks like a navy and cream plaid is nice.  I just got my Outlet purchase back from the tailor and realized I need more standard fabrics that can be worn 3-4 seasons than seasonal textures.
How are 4 kids going to fit into a Model S?  One in the front trunk while cargo is in the rear?
 This is the greatest con in recent years.  Take a hatchback, jack it up, say it's a crossover, and sell it for a lot more money.  We looked at 3 X1s at some point last year and it seems all the lease loaners we looked at were base models without any frills.  People buying for the badge alone.
The search isn't exactly user friendly for new users.
HCP is on of those "dividend aristocrats" with a tempting yield of over 8% at these prices.  I will have to read their earnings and what some analysts are commenting but damn if 8% isn't tempting to move back into single stocks.
 I doesn't look like that in person.  This one had very small 3-series wheels and that odd spoiler extended because you need a spoiler at 25mph...
New Posts  All Forums: