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There was a guy who used to drive a Lamborghini Murcielago to grad school in Ohio.  From what I heard second hand, he was a really nice guy, made some money, and decided he wanted to go back to school for a PhD of some sort.
$2,000 won't get you into a mutual fund as those are usually $3,000 minimum.  If you want to park your money so you are in the stock market, consider the ticker SPY as it is an ETF that tracks with the S&P 500.  You basically own fractional shares of every company in the S&P 500.  The S&P is also used as a benchmark against returns for pretty much any portfolio as you could have just bought the SPY and earned that percentage over a measurable period.   You can then...
7 miles yesterday and 8.2 miles today.  Yesterdays run was super hot but I think the sun tan lotion I wore did not breathe well causing me to overheat quickly.
7 miles this morning.
 UK sizes 6-11.5 according to a previous post.
7 miles this morning.  Feeling a few leg tingles so may take some of my runs back to the trails which I haven't been to in a few months.
 If you are having a son, diaper changing becomes a game of chance.  If I change his diaper, what are the chances I will get peed on?   On a watch related baby note, I have found the clasp on my watch catches on some of his outfits so adjusting holding positions can be tricky.
$55. I like brown ties.
8.5 miles Saturday and 12 last night.  
You have to rebrand the wagon with a different term to make it fit in here.  People are buying the shit out of small crossovers when they are really just hatchbacks with a couple inches of lift.
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