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That color is amazing.  Rootbeer status!   My car is in the shop for a new clutch at 44K.  I have an early 2012 model VW GTI and I guess the throwout bearings changed material at some point after mine was built thus leading to early issues.  Not covered under warranty or a TSB.  Went full clutch as it was only $300 more than just the TOB.  Damn cars...
 The devil is in the details.  I look at the date quite a bit so I would go for a date model.  Recently though I have been lusting over older 5513 Subs (No Date) and they are very attractive.  I don't think you can go wrong with either.  Sorry I was not help.
I have been resting my knee and doing some cross training of yard work and playing with the dogs.  I signed up for another race 3 days after the last 50K (why oh why did I sign up???) but it isn't until March so I have time.  Just a little overuse I think and nothing serious as massage and stretching feel great.
My Father-in-law finally took his early 90s two-tone Sub to the Rolex headquarters in Dallas.  Literally right across the street from him for the past 4 years but he wouldn't go.  They said a service on his watch was going to cost $1,600 because it needed a lot of work, and it does.  They also gave him a minimum of what it would cost for them to even work on it of something like $800-$900.   Good to see he is getting it cleaned and running longer than the <24hrs it would...
Wish I would have read up on this MTO thread earlier...I love those Navy ECs....o well.  Have some Chocolate and Walnut Daltons coming my way....wife couldn't decide on which pair I should get so both was the obvious answer.
@RFX45 Nice combo!  Love the GMT...the tank ain't bad either 
Getting my buys on Friday's downswing was a good idea.  
@jmaudi0 Congrats on the wedding gift from your wife!  It is a beautiful watch.  As for straps, I feel the watch looks best with Croc so you have the array of colors offered by Omega.  The blue on the website doesn't scream "too much blue" that a lighter color could give off. 
Interesting switches.  I know nothing about those.   I think I posted a while back about overseeding my lawn and this being the first time I have ever done it.  My hose only stretches so far so part of my yard were not getting watered for 2 weeks then Nashville had constant rain for a couple of weeks.  The grass is coming in great and I think after a couple more years of overseeding the lawn will look perfect.  I am working with a lawn that was not cared for and would...
Got in a little over 5 miles today after volunteering at a local trail/road marathon.  Some people were to 14 miles after 4:30 which is where I was....they did not look so good but it was fun to cheer people on.  The perk was that my spot was at the top of this big section of over 100 stairs you have to go down and come back up.  Wish I had a camera.
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