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 Could a 40/15.75 pull off a YH2?
4.7 miles today.  Had to fast for a blood test in the afternoon so the run after that was miserable.
8.2 miles last night with some amazing February weather.
I just use a spray bathroom cleaner though the previous one may have had bleach which killed the coating. I only use towels for cleaning so nothing abrasive.  
So plastic vs. wood toilet seat?  I bought some wooden seats with an attachment for potty training but cleaning them with anything seems to wear off the coating.  There is something about the weight of a wooden seat which is nice but they seem to look like crap quickly. 
Thanks for the tips.  I am cross shopping prices with a preference to buy local, within reason, as if there is an issue it is easily remedied.  We have general styles picked out for everything, it is just a matter of seeing them in person.   Tile pricing seems to vary like crazy for stone tile so I think that is a place we can save some money once we visit these stores.
I really just want to see labor broken out to get a sense of what they are charging as the materials they supply are equal.  We supply most of the fixtures, except for the glass shower door, so we can see what they cost without an upcharge.  125 sq/ft of tile @ $30 sq/ft is $3,750, faucets are roughly $1,200, and I haven't priced out a sink, medicine cabinet, toilet, light fixture, towel holder, tp holder, and ceiling fan.   We can save some on the parts as these are...
For those people who may want to buy SNAP once it is public.  TL;DR: Users leaving Snapchat for Instagram (FB) which is providing a better, though downright copied, experience.
2 more remodel bids have rolled in.  1 company said our project was too small and suggested going to Lowe's an having them price it out.  The second one was for $15-$17K and added a heated floor instead of one of those noisy fan/heater/light combos.  There is one last bid which will be in the next couple of days but I think we have narrowed down the ones we like.  I think the next bid would be from a company which will likely quote $20K+.   The 2 companies we like have...
That stock looks thinly traded so depending on how much you are buying, you may have trouble getting out of a large position.  Also the stock is approaching its 52-week low which is 8.95 so I would wait for a purchase to see if it continues to go down and gains support at that level.  If it breaks down, who knows how low it could go but if it bounces off the low, you can check resistance levels to see how high it could bounce. And since it was discussed yesterday, this...
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