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I opted for some sort of "race" brake pad when I upgraded my old car.  Those damn things were so squeaky and the dust was horrible.
I could argue spending $1,000 on paint could increase the value more than $1,000.  I have friends with bright colors throughout their house....more neutral colors during the selling period would help.
This thread loves talking about painting!
I called 2x the price a while back but that is probably common sense for a forced induction build.     My car estimate for the deer is $3,200 from the initial look over.  Waiting to see if the hinge for the rear door was pushed into the body by the front door but it was cold and rainy when pictures were being taken.  Looks like it won't be but we will see what the shop says.
I feel like IDFNL could be my father-in-law.  The comments make me think he is also a huge Rush Limbaugh fan.
7 miles last night.  Mid-40s and trying to figure out the best clothing to wear.  I hate this in between season when I am out of practice for colder weather.
A quick 3 miles last night.
 Since I have been with my wife, she has hit 3 different stationary objects all while backing out of parking spots.
9.7 miles today.  
~11.4 trail miles, 2,000ft gain
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