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 I used a defouler on my RSX when I went to a "race header."  It worked without any CEL issues. An Eddie Bauer edition Bronco is straight out of the 90s when Ford put Eddie Bauer on a lot of their models.  The last memory of driving a Bronco was that the driver sits pretty far from the passenger.  It was just a large chasm of a center console.
Do you have to pay for Porsche to badge delete or do you pay for the long list of badges?
Looks like you can get some 85's for less than $50K.  You need to up your hate threshold!  Tesla owners need to start debadging their cars. 
Tripled?  What was the price on those things as some JDM Skylines GTS-T's over here are like $8-$15K depending on condition, mods, and such.  GTRs still seem to be in the $20K+ range though.   As for waiting in line for a Supercharging station....Tesla HQ hasn't installed more and people just wait?
Another 7 miles last night.  I had a dream last night I was in some 100-miler this weekend with no training and still wanted to try and run it.
We have 2,700sq ft and it feels too big.  We looked at a house with 3,600sq ft and it had like 3 or 4 entertaining spaces.  Plus I have found the more space I have the more people think it needs to be filled with stuff....I don't want a lot of stuff just sitting around.
I am so confused on the whole stanced car thing.  It just seems careless if you are going to drive like that.
 Both of my parents had Bronco's and both rusted everywhere with Ohio winters and salt.  All sorts of frame rust.  I would ask for pictures of the underside unless you live close enough to check it out.  The only other things I remember were the rear window motors crapping out a few times and they both got like 8-10 miles per gallon.
7 miles last night.  Has anyone ever used one of those handheld running lights?  I am thinking of one for my road running but do not have experience with them.
7 miles tonight.  First run in 5 days.
New Posts  All Forums: