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5 miles yesterday and possibly a trail run tonight but the rain is heavy and non-stop so the trails may not be the best of places to go.
Buying pre-auction is going to save my life.  It takes away the stress of a robo-snipe bid at the last second.  Thanks again Spoo!
 If that is what you are going for, I think it looks fine other than the weird swoop in the back.  I assume someone will chime in and will know what causes that.
@Turpentine I like the navy one but think it could be longer.  What size are those jackets?
That was a great performance.  Timothy Olsen dropped Laverado over the weekend and from a Facebook post, it sounds like he may have OTS.  He had 2 great performances at Western so it makes me wonder how long Krar can keep up with the performance.  Then to think of what Killian is doing is crazy. I got in 1.7 miles today then some weights in the gym.  It seems like the lunges are really helping when running hills so I will keep those up and possibly add to the frequency I...
VIX and TVIX are up over 30% today.  When idfnl mentioned his purchase they were only up 15% at the time.
@SpooPoker - Deets on these?  Women's or Men's?          
5 trail miles today on 2 quick loops.  Though it was in the 80s it wasn't overwhelmingly hot like yesterdays run.
9.25 road miles @ a 7:58 pace.  Felt good the stretch the legs out though it was getting hot.
That is a good album but haven't listened to it in a while.  I haven't listened to music while running for a few weeks but was on a Wu Tang Clan kick for a couple of months.  Prior to that is was a mix of hip hop and rock.  I like when both have a good tempo so I can set my pace based on the song.  Some faster and some slower to mix it up.
New Posts  All Forums: