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I still have my Timex that enabled a Hamilton purchase leading into a Rolex gift.  If I remember correctly it was $14.99.  I wanted to test the watch waters instead of jumping into the $400 Hamilton I lusted after.  A couple of lucky job promotions later I landed the Hamilton.
I wouldn't get into any product with too many fees as that will eat up the return you are looking for.  I would almost try for a high-yield checking/savings account as you cant get a few % per year.  They are usually capped so you only get say 3% on your first $5K but some I think go up to $10K.     Most of the time these types of accounts are at some random credit union but they are still FDIC insured so your $10K is safe.
If you can get an early slot on one of the more limited Porsche editions, you can drive it pretty risk free for a few months and sell it off at a premium.  I know of one guy that does this regularly.
 Surprising considering salt eats through cars so quickly and you are in Rhode Island.  Also in my head your DD is a Jeep Grand Cherokee. Also you are right about average DDs and nicer cars in the garage.  One of my neighbors has a 997 and 993 but DD's a Toyota 4Runner.  The other DD's a 1980s M6 or Land Rover Series 2 and has an AM Vanquish and Jaguar E-type in the garage.  
Decided what I previously wrote was a little rude.  I love getting into fun conversations regarding cars and watches.
4.6 miles this morning.  It was 55* with mist so it took a while to warm up.
@no frills - I think you mentioned it before that there are different series of the 3970.  Were you looking for a particular series for this watch or just what your dealer could find?
 The bolded statement is wrong (at least in TN).  I just had the same appraiser appraise my house that did it last year.  We are going through the same bank and same loan guy for our refi. We valued 15% higher in May 2015 than we did in Jan/Feb 2014.  Since it is such a new loan, any extra added on would put us close to a LTV where PMI is needed.  While we had to pay fees on our refi of a couple thousand, our rate dropped 1.125% going from a 30 to a 15 yr. fixed which will...
I remember during marathon training I had to fit in some night then next morning runs and the morning was terrible.  Nothing really productive.  Usually takes 24hrs to feel better for me.   As for me, 2 miles before weights.  Mornings have been harder than usual the past 3-4 weeks.  I am just so tired.
Oh and here is my recent Washington finally back from the tailor. Need to get some different shirts now that my sport coat wardrobe is good to go.
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