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Just pick a start date and wait for a drop in prices.  January had 3 separate 3% drops that rebounded.  I bought in on the middle of the month which just happens to be my monthly buy period.  Pick a criteria and pull the trigger or pick a single stock and ride that wave.
What if a pullback doesn't come and by pullback I would thing something in the 10% range.  What if the drop is just 3-5% and then rockets up another 10%?  You not only lost out on a discounted opportunity of 3-5% but also the gains on top of that.   Try not to time the market but if it gives you a discount, take the opportunity.  The reason I say this is we all think over the long run the market goes up, discounts are buying opportunities which come pretty regularly but...
 TSLA moves a lot off news.  Musk seems to have a good understanding of finance so I wouldn't be too worried about their financial position.  If I am going to add to my holdings say, next Friday, but the market drops 2-3% today, I would buy today just due to the perceived discount from what I would have bought next week had the market grown 1-2%.  That is about the most timing I would do. A question I would have is, if this $50K turned into only $30K as in a loss of $20K,...
 Can your wife call my wife and discuss how awesome it is to own a watch from your birth year?  If she wants to nudge her in a direction a Yellow Gold Nipple Dial Submariner from 1985 would be the bees knees.  Arguments for the purchase include: 1. My wifes birth year as well; 2. Yellow Gold will match her wedding band and engagement ring; 3. It should fit both our wrists!!!
Got in 4 miles on the treadmill.  There is this little old asian woman who for whatever reason always picks the treadmill next to me even though there are 12 other open ones.  Is this a compliment?
I solely do index fund investing but most do some sort of index funds and a small portion of their portfolio in stock picking.
Congrats Keith!  Looks great.
Can't wait to see it @Keith T!    @no frills what is the service interval on a PC?  Also wouldn't they adjust the watch each service or is there a basic and more advanced service depending on the age of the PC?   No quick date on the BLNR but the jump hour makes changing the date a snap!  As for pens, I have been using an $8 roller ball gel pen for taking notes while studying for the CPA exam.  I am on ink cartridge #5 in 8 weeks which has allowed me to figure out...
At what point do you not use a slab as the 2nd table uses 4 little inays to keep it together?  Also, any pics of the underside?  The first table looks like it is three legs and one support.
4.25 miles 
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