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Got in my 4.5 miles last night and the group was rather thin.  A bigger stage race starts today mixed with this free Thursday night concert downtown all summer.  I also have a feeling the 90*+ weather had something to do with it.  But the run was fun and paced myself with another guy.  We eased off the pace due to the heat and had a nice conversation.  I like this run!
 I don't know maple money prices other than cars are slightly more expensive.  Also the used car market at that range is really just whatever you can find.  Sometimes there are gems, a lot of times there are over priced duds.  Why not just use your wife's Fit for the baby mobile and you save money and buy some cheap $3K car just to get by?  
I had an '02 Mazda 3 5 door.  Loved it other than I went through 2 front drivers side wheels and 2 sets of front suspension in 2 years due to pot holes according to my mechanic.  I don't remember hitting pot holes either.   In the 10-15K range I would almost try to go new and pay slightly more.  You may be able to get into a very basic Subaru Impreza slightly used.
I don't know which I'd rather have....the resin version or the one with a brass cylinder, stone cube, and a sycamore sphere.  It falls into that batshit crazy area of art mixed with a functional item.  I don't know if I would want to have a conversation with someone who bought this because we are clearly on two different levels...  
I am not a fan of the 70's style but I do like the dial layout.   And since KeithT is Doubling my offer...might as well TRIPLE MY OFFER!!!! (can you hear me now?)
 Not getting worn enough?!?  Let's start the TWAT bidding!  I'll throw out there $132.42...there are scratches 
Another 8.6 miles this morning...reversed my usual route then a group run of 4.5 miles tonight.  Hopefully I can make it there as traffic is terrible now that school is back in session.  A lot of housewives back to driving their kids across town to prep school.
8.6 miles this morning...heavy heat and I was drenched after the run.  Didn't sleep great but this run helped my mood.
I've had to go into my bank more than I'd like to share because they won't do things over the phone or online.  Here is a list of things I couldn't do myself though it seems like I should be able to do:   1. Add someone to an account 2. Transfer all the money out of an account and close it 3. Sign-up to see my mortgage online 4. Open a savings account   Then you go in and some poor soul tries to sell you a credit card or some other banking service.  I don't need...
I agree with the Napoli with your dimensions.  Seems like a 38R or 38L would be your best bet.  Other fits will vary from that but it will be nice to try them on in store.  Also look at the last ~10 pages and the comments on fits so you don't come out with an ill-fitting suit/jacket.
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