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I also have a high instep and this is compounded by having very wide feet.  I tend to focus on the width and treat the high instep as a secondary issue.  Nearly all Allen Edmonds lasts are too narrow for me, even in an EEE width.   A high instep almost completely rules out balmoral shoes.  However, I recently picked up two pair of different style shoes on AEs #373 last and they both fit wonderfully.  The Chester (a discontinued model) is a balmoral, but AE describes...
Customs charges vary widely.  The seller has no control over what and how they may be applied, hence their discolsure.  First you have to calculate the provincial and federal sales tax.  Add to that brokerage fees by the customs broker (in house for most).  If there is an industry manufacturing that category of goods in Canada (and this could be three people in a warehouse in Montreal), you may have to pay duty.  Duty can be all over the price range, depending on the...
Some Lexol products are available at  The Safir products are available from a few sources that will ship to Canada.  Do an internet search to display a couple suppliers - Safir products are expensive.  It's a bit disappointing in a country with conditions that are hard on good leather footwear, we seem to have a dearth of good products to care for our shoes and boots.       Lucifigus 
Although disappointed that they won't make a wider boot, I understand.  Thanks for your efforts.  Best to all in the New Year.   Lucifigus 
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