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Any tips for getting new shell monks to stop squeaking? Got these from AoM to wear at my upcoming wedding. Been wearing around the office a few hours a day to break 'em in and I sound like bozo the clown walking around... Seems to come from the straps rubbing on the tongue. Awesome design on the Aberdeen last. Loving the fit so far too.
Awesome, email sent and fingers crossed. That thing is jelly.Wearing my WvG blue/brown gingham today, I love how this brand covers the basics and the pop.
That would be like Christmas in June! I am AD medium or BD large.
Mauro, any more of this fabric available?
That shirt...
EP Rivet Chino in gray cotton ripstop fabric, worn several times, in very good condition. Too slim for me these days so time to go! Tag size 33-- no alterations made. Cold washed and hung to dry-- see post wash measurements below (detail in photos). These are in great condition with no flaws to speak of. Free CONUS shipping included in asking price. Please PM with any questions, additional trading feedback available on Ebay under my same username. Product link: ...
Awesome, keep us posted. Direct order would be sweet to avoid the shell lottery, hitting refresh every two seconds at preorder time.
Linen Doyle would be really solid... especially if it were an GMTO option so off-sizes could be included?
I would jump on this if they ran it... Assuming I were able to complete the checkout process in the four seconds it takes EP shell orders to sell out...
Excellent condition, Awesome floral printed leather upper on a rubber boat sole. These shoes are very unique, the floral leather is really different from most of what's out there in mocs and boat shoes. Worn several times, uppers and soles in very good condition--please refer to pictures for details. Includes Yuketen shoe bag (no trees), original box. Please PM with any questions. Price includes shipping for shoes in CONUS.
New Posts  All Forums: