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@Epaulet - Hi Mike, what color polish do you recommend for the oxblood Brixtons?  Been wearing these quite a bit and have acquired a few scuffs.  Great boots!
Looks awesome!  Will this be sized up from your regular fit to wear as an overshirt?  Regular gusting fit is way too snug on me in shoulders/chest to layer over anything.
I got the same shirt in the light indigo last go-around.  With a cold wash, hang dry, mine did shrink a bit.  I didn't measure before/after or anything but it was noticeable when putting it on.  If you don't have any leeway on the 38 you might want to think about doing the 40 and then hot washing if you need to get it a bit smaller.  There seems to be some shrinkage left despite the initial pre-wash when it comes from TS.
Call me Jonah! If there's any way to get in on those please let me know.  Great print.
Happy to help.  I am by no means a leather expert, but I went with light coat of a neutral carnauba wax product as I wanted to put a protective coat on top but not do much to change the color.  So I'd go waxier vs oilier as far as treatment.  I noticed it darkened very slightly with the application.  We'll see how it works out but my thinking is any indigo transfer on top of the wax layer should be able to be removed.  If I only wore it with denim I wouldn't mind so much,...
I picked one up about a month back, really like it.  The leather is really nice, fit and finish are first rate.  The indicated size was spot on as well.  Like Jay said above, the 7 holes and 3/4" spacing are the jam for sizing, you'll never end up on one of the last holes looking like you've gained/lost 20lbs after you bought it.  I gave mine a light coat of wax to help keep the indigo from rubbing in off my jeans.  Overall, really liking it and recommended, it's...
How about the heavy natural belts? thanks
Any update on the belts that were supposed to ship in June?
  Interesting, seems to maybe be a pattern with this boot then.  I will contact J Crew.  Was worried about the wait for a new pair if return was required, but I guess with summer finally arriving I can take them out of rotation for a while.  Thanks for the advice, guys.
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