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I agree completely, I don't care for the squished toe look nor do I like the feel of the boot pressing down on top of my toes. The Truman toe profile is very nice without being at all bulbous.
Here is a side shot:Great to know! I have used the nano spray before on calf suede with good results.
Have only tried on in the house, they will get scuffed up and get some character in due time! The bluish tint is not as apparent in real life, I think the camera makes them look bluer. I am too much of a novice to color correct in iPhoto.Structured toe on these, which I very much prefer.
Recently received my kudu roughouts via Standard & Strange. Great looking pair of boots! Will be hitting them with some nano spray and getting in the rotation soon.
I wear the same size in both lasts. 1035 is a little more roomy in the toe box with less taper than 2030, otherwise I think the fit is pretty similar.
Had 'em in my cart but gone by the time I hit the checkout page! Congrats, great model. If they don't work out for you... PM me.Trying to console myself with a Grant Color 8 WT boot but won't let me check out either. Beats the old system of waiting on the phone on hold all day though!
^ I have hand washed the wool beanies in cool water and dried flat or on a rack. They do shrink a bit but are still very stretchy and fit fine. If you have room/stretch to spare initially you'll probably be OK with hand laundering.
New in box suede postman shoes model 3104 from Red Wing. I bought the wrong size but stuck them in the closet and forgot to return. Brand New! Shipped in USA for $200 OBO. Please PM any questions!
$25 for those beanies is a steal! I have a few from prior years. Would love to see WvG do the beanie in a heavy wool for the cold winters here. I have an SNS Herning one that is really warm but really scratchy and coming unstitched along its bulky seams. Mauro's are much softer and more well made, and my bald head appreciates the lack of seams. WvG is 1/5th the price as well, no brainer.
These have been in the back of the closet for a long time, awesome chinos but I have gained some weight and they're not going to fit so cutting them loose, these are in the slim Predator fit, made in Italy, BNWT size 33. $75 $55 $40 shipped in US... Please see very detailed size chart at WvG item pages: Bordeax: This high quality cloth...
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