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How about the heavy natural belts? thanks
Any update on the belts that were supposed to ship in June?
  Interesting, seems to maybe be a pattern with this boot then.  I will contact J Crew.  Was worried about the wait for a new pair if return was required, but I guess with summer finally arriving I can take them out of rotation for a while.  Thanks for the advice, guys.
Having an issue with the speedhooks on my J Crew PCTs... some of them seem to be pulling loose.  These are about a year old, worn maybe two dozen times, I don't lace them all that tight.  Can any cobbler fix this, or does it have to go back to the factory?    
Worked at home this afternoon and had some time to give my 744 LTDs a little love via VSC and the ol' shoe brush.  
 In my experience the boat moc runs small by at least 1/2 size.  Depending on the leather yours may stretch in width, mine did after about 10 wears.  Not painful but not exactly comfortable.  Would size up in these for sure next time.
Let's say I'm a 40 in LBM 1911 with not too much room to spare. 40 in Doyle or move up to the 41? Love that chambray.
721 LTDs on a sunny afternoon.  Haven't worn much shell all winter but finally had some nice weather yesterday.   
Wow - catching up on the last few days of this thread.  I am a somewhat regular SF reader but not a frequent poster, but since Mauro's asking, I thought I'd give some feedback.    I've been a casual WvG customer and tote holder for the last several months and  will continue to be one.  Like many people, I got into WvG for the shirts.  The fabrics are awesome and the fits are good.  The construction quality so far has been great as well, but for me this is secondary to...
Agreed, a great value. Anyone have a poor man's watch winder for their poor man's automatic watch?
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