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Will the Gitman Ends for Friends shirts have the back darts? The EPNY size L just works for me if I remove the darts. Haven't picked up an EP shirt in a while and thought that I had read a while back that their 'new' fit was basically the same but sans darts.
Having just received a pair from Europe via Frans Boone, I did not get hit with an import duty but UPS did charge $90-something for doing the customs clearance.
I am 7.5 D Barrie as well and do a 7.5 D on the Trubalance.  The Barrie fits me very well, perfectly in some models, but the TB is a bit roomy.  If the Barrie fits you well and you don't mind wearing thicker socks, I'd stay with the same size on TB.  No experience on Grant, sorry.
 If you're ordering multiples of basic shine brushes I'd check out Shoecaresupplies.com  http://www.shoecaresupplies.com/Shoe_Brushes_s/24.htm I've purchased brushes from them several times and find them to be a great value in the larger sizes.  Made in the USA to boot.  The 'executive' model has the contoured finger grip along the sides which I do like.  One word: one of the light-colored brushes I own does shed a bit but no issues with the dark ones. YMMV.  Allen Edmonds...
Thanks... I don't order much from abroad other than maybe ebay/paypal so it didn't occur to me that one of my CCs may have an extra fee, if I buy there again I'll check the terms on my other cards.  The UPS fee was charged COD so fear I may have given up my standing on any dispute by paying on receipt of the box... but I'll give it a whirl. Via communication with the seller this evening that theory on the tongue stitching was confirmed.  I've never seen this before, across...
Strikes and spares today in the Alden game friends.   Picked up these Alden for Unionmade Stanyan loden calf boots on the 'bay, figuring the dark color and commando soles would be perfect for the early winter gripping us here in the midwest.  The seller mentioned that a plastic heel tap had been added, but failed to mention that the tongues had been stitched to the sides (second pic).  WTF? I'm sure a cobbler can take the stitches out pretty easily and the holes in the...
@Epaulet - Hi Mike, what color polish do you recommend for the oxblood Brixtons?  Been wearing these quite a bit and have acquired a few scuffs.  Great boots!
Looks awesome!  Will this be sized up from your regular fit to wear as an overshirt?  Regular gusting fit is way too snug on me in shoulders/chest to layer over anything.
I got the same shirt in the light indigo last go-around.  With a cold wash, hang dry, mine did shrink a bit.  I didn't measure before/after or anything but it was noticeable when putting it on.  If you don't have any leeway on the 38 you might want to think about doing the 40 and then hot washing if you need to get it a bit smaller.  There seems to be some shrinkage left despite the initial pre-wash when it comes from TS.
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