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I have answered my question to this and thus, i will respond here if anyone would need a reference: Both xxs jackets fit like true fit xs. so i guess slide the scale one down for jackets.   Though i answered my own question, I would like to thank you all for the opportunity to post.
Hello,   I recently came across this insightful site. And because I do not know much or anything. I have a question to ask.   Regardless of opinions, The Asos brand leather jacket(or any of their jackets in general), how do the sizing and fits truly feel compared to H&M or Topman. I ask this for i am an easy Xs in both H&M and Topman and a 34' in jackets at H&M, I once bought an xs in a canvas typed button jacket and a 34' tweed blazer from Asos last...
hello,   I am Ali.
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