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I'll post if I order the PNS :)
I need a pair of navy suede derby shoes. Kind of like Mark Mcnairy, but not Mark Mcnairys. Any ideas?
No. Sorry.
Need some help, please! I got my pair of APC PS today. I went with a size 32 (sized one down), but the jeans were so tight in the thigh area that I almost couldn't get them on. The waist was ok, and I had no problem closing the buttons. But I don't want them super skinny, just tapered. I heard that the APC New Petit Standard had more room in the thigh and calf area. If anyone knows anything please let me know. Thanks!
I'm sorry if this is not on the right thread but this is about the Florsheim Veblen regular shoes and not the Duckie Brown. I guess they size the same anyway.  I ordered a pair of Florsheim Veblen a time ago from eBay and they were way to big. I never had other shoes than Red Wing boots and sneakers. Since they don't sell Florsheim over the counter here in Norway I have to use a reference. I usually wear 9.5 US in regular Nike sneakers or 9 US in my Red Wing...
Thank you! I'll check it out.
Hello.    Just so you know I'm putting on my big boy pants and getting a pair of real shoes, rather than sneakers and boots! Not long ago I ordered a pair of Florsheim Veblen shoes in size 9.5 (I usually wear 9.5 in my Nike sneakers) but when I got them they were way to big. Maybe more than an inch. If anyone could help me out with sizing I would be very happy since I live very remote to where they usually sell Florsheim. If not - could you recommend another pair...
Is it okay for me to ask questions here about sizing, or should i do that another place?
Wow! I see you've done your research!   I'll give it a read. In the meanwhile; could you tell me what this is called?    
They look very similar. Could you recommend something similar that may be a little less expensive?   Thank you either way!
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