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Currently working in Club Monaco
This is an undergrad, not law school or an mba. Stick with this     or      Cost is 85, includes a laptop sleeve capable of carrying a 17inch. I own the black one, my laptop fits snug and I haven't had a problem.
Don't do teal, don't do black shirt either for the sake of making yourself looking like a fool. Tell her ass you'll get something and you promise it won't make you 2 look at of place ie - she wears teal, you wear red tie.   Pick the white shirt, get either a black tie or bow. and the only teal you should have is the flower on your lapel on the day of. And for god sakes unbutton the bottom button.   Black skinny belt, pointed shoes would be great because you're a...
here is mine at the moment   I'm new to the website, my names Saif.   To start off, I'm a graduating highschool student and have been a interested in fashion for a very long time. It would be an all time dream if I pursued it but at the moment 30k salaries aren't looking so appealing. Regardless, If any of the experienced members here can take a look at the program above and tell me if this sector is worth getting into (job...
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