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SF10 is good for 10% off an order of $100 +.
Jacket is unstructured linen blend. (hence the crumpling)  I'm not sure how I feel about the width of the lapels, they may be too narrow given my body width… Feedback? The pants are textured gray and blue.  I was hesitant about the overall color combo.. Feedback?       [[SPOILER]]
Not the best shoes I know, but they are my super comfy go-to Monday shoes.  I'm interested in feedback on the shoe / sock / pant combo.
Sorry friend, I appreciate the feedback, but insisting that I need to go down "at least 2, possibly 3 sizes" is insane commentary made without the context of knowing my height.  Going down to a Large or Medium (what you're suggesting) would bring the bottom of the shirt about 2 inches above my navel and my broad shoulders would rip a Medium (and probably Large) apart at it's seems, Hulk style.  I need to go down 1 size, I know.  I should be wearing a 1X-T, but at this...
I prefer coat/tie at work, but was under some heavy pressure to polo-up on Fridays.  "given your body shape…"  No offense taken at all, I've dropped 100 pounds over the last year and a half.  Some clothes are starting to not fit so well to say the least.  I usually just wear the Vans around the house on the weekend.  For my foot (which ultimately matters the most) they're a very comfortable shoe.  Thanks for the useful criticism, I do appreciate it.
The waist is right, off the rack these "should" fit fine, but just do not.  I'm going through a huge weight loss phase so I am quite a lot heavier on top than bottom.  This was shot just before heading out the door again for the day and I'm just beginning to play with PS's.  Now, on to your question:   Details on the shoes. Vintage Johnston and Murphy's that are extraordinarily made.  They need a little Saphir soon, but otherwise they are pretty spectacular shoes.  I...
Casual Friday at work.     [[SPOILER]]
While taking this picture I realized just how terrible those pants "fit". They need to be shortened and tapered. I like the plaid pattern though, so I'll probably use that as a guide to buy new pants.
Uncle Mac,Where are you getting these amazing argyle socks? ...and are they available in extended sizes (13-15)?
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