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In house department store brands (Barney's CO-OP, SAKs, Neimans) source through a different designers each year. The sales reps are not given information regarding the manufacturer information because of conflicts of sales between the designer who sales his brand shoe in the store and the department store itself. For example, if a sale rep knows that ferragamo manufactures Saks in-house oxford shoe, a convincing sales pitch is to buy the $300 dollar in-house brand versus...
What were you looking for? The boots? I can proxy for $40 if you're interested. Let me know you're size and I'll let you know if they're available.
The 3-piece got marked down where I'm from. Got the whole thing for $78.50. Still haven't checked on the boots. 
New England (MA, ME and NH) accepts the cards and I got them at the MA stores.
For discounts, you have to get a friends and family card that takes 50% off all MMM products until December 31. If you know a worker, ask him/her for one. I got the 3-piece suit, topcoat and boots for under $300.
I just bought the dark navy 3 piece suit and I am pretty impressed. A suit designed by the House of MMM using 100% wool for under $300. The only thing I'm going to do is replaced the buttons for a heavier, natural one. For those that saw/got the suit, what were your thoughts on the quality?
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