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It's an improvement over wearing a noose around your neck or heavy fugly looking uncomfortable laceup wingtips (the official shoe of cubicle dwelling drones and accountants  lol) but it's not exactly what I meant. A lot of the stuff that men still wear is leftover from the fugly looking Victorian age. The lower classes back then bought used clothes and wore it until it was threadbare and perhaps had 2 shoes in a lifetime that they kept resoling (labour was cheap). The...
Why is it always the lower classes who are attached to these antiquated ideas about dress?Perhaps it may be that they never wore these things when they were kids and it holds a certain fascination for them that they associate with their betters. Who knows, but this attachment to the garb worn a few generations ago and for some silly reason is still lingering on as it dies a slow death is a sign of a prole background.
Yeah, and a true trench had D rings to carry hand grenades around on. Just because the double breasted by Burberry was used in WWI with the military junk adapted to it doesn't mean that only double breasted may be referred to as a "trench" coat. Noobs like yourself always make this mistake.
0. Ties are an anachronism and belong in the  late Victorian period with all of the other Victorian junk and useless garbage, like laces on shoes. Clothes should be comfortable regardless of whether they're "dress" or sportswear. We're going to have to bring style and materials into the modern age.
This is all you need. You can even carry it around on a keychain.Maybe a dollar or two.
British tan or pale sage green is traditional.I prefer single breasted balmacaan or single breasted trench. Double breastedanything is just too much material flapping aroundunless you're really in the trenches and need that extra layer to keep warm. I always buy one with a detachable wool liner. Grenfell is good andthe traditional Burberry is as well but I don't think it's on their website. It's theone everyone wore in the 80's made of 100% Egyptian cotton with the camel...
Velvet would be nice in this colour and you could wear it for the opera or as a sportcoat.  White shirt and tartan bow tie for the opera and as a casual jacket a paisley shirt or black low roll neck knitted shirt.
Are you sure someone didn't give you a hot foot 
Well since the average man in the US spends $70-80 on shoes, I'd say that 5x as much for an AE are real shoes. I've been wearing these for 40 years and I've never had or heard of any of the complaints you hear on here. I didn't even know that AE had 2nds but let's remember that they're 2nds for a reason; and let's also remember that when you buy stuff on ebay or from some unknown secondary seller who operates out of his closet, the shoes may have lain around a damp cellar...
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