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Just had the below tuxedo and shirt made for my wedding.   Specs are midnight blue, black grosgrain peak lapels, low button stance, jetted pockets and side vents. The shirt is pique, spread collar, hidden placket.   I plan to wear it with velvet slippers, albert thurston white suspenders, kent wang grosgrain cummerbund and Brioni grosgrain bow tie (self-tie, not the one shown).   It is very wrinkled in the picture as it just came in. They are shortening the jacket...
I am getting married in January and am about to pull the trigger on a MTM tux. I wanted to hear thoughts on my plans:   - Midnight blue. Should I go with it or stick to black? - Single button, peak lapel. How wide should I go with the lapels? I am 5'7 and wear a 38s. I'm thinking 4in. - Grosgrain on the lapels, pocket jetting (should this be grosgrain?), button, pant stripe, waist (should I get it on the waist? I plan on wearing a cummerbund so it won't be visible but...
I'm looking at a tux with satin lapels but they are rayon and not silk. Is that normal? Bad? The jacket itself is super 130s wool
How wide do you think these lapel are?
What's the classic lapel width for a shawl lapel on a tux?
how are the armholes? What did you decide to do with the suit?
It's black lapel not label. It's one of the online MTM (like an Indochino but supposedly much better)
I think the suit looks really good and only needs minor alterations (other than the sleeves, I would definitely order it with fake buttons to avoid this). I would get it remade because of the sleeves, unless you can find a tailor that can shorten them.     How is the quality of the suit? How would you say it compares to something like Hugo Boss. Is the chest slightly big because you measured yourself incorrectly or just the way they cut it and is that the slim fit?
Hopefully the one you bought is cut differently. The one I tried had 34 in pants! I considered trying a 36 but the sleeves are an inch longer than the 38 short and on the 38 i had to remove about as much as you could get away with without having to shorten at the shoulder. I'm 5'6, 31 in waist, 38in chest.
Why is that? Do short people in Europe tend to be fat or something? It's just strang that the starting short size would run so big. Anyways, its too bad because I love their suits but because of the working buttonholes, buying a regular size would be impossiple for me.
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