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Excuse me but do you know what trolling means? It means provoking people into senseless arguments and trying to make other users mad. This thread is nothing about trolling unless you just began the trolling. We are supposed to have fun here and not be serious, the less serious the better ideas I get. Making the suit will cost me about $100 since I am in China so it's not like I'm spending huge amounts of money on it, it's just for fun and for messing around. Pictures will...
Haha nice ones! I love the hood idea, I will definitely remember it.   When I have enough ideas and get the suit made I will post a picture here.
Hi!   So I am looking for some ideas to create the most ridiculous looking suit in existence. I will have it made by a tailor in China and the idea is to look so horrendous that it's funny, it'll be used in parties and for some random messing around. The suit must be made with ordinarily available materials for tailors. Any ideas, suggestions? I've been thinking maybe leopard pattern or perhaps a picture of my own face in the back. Show me your worst!   Thanks.
New Posts  All Forums: