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Thanks for the warning. That's indeed one of those watch crowdfunding campaigns and I'm also quite suspicious of the quality. Did it have a cheap/plasticy feel to it or was there something else which made it a bad purchase?
Are there any rules of thumb regarding leather straps which are neither brown nor black? I stumbled upon a very pretty and affordable blue themed watch (below) though I'm not quite sure how it'll fit to the whole outfit. I normally wear brown leathers and blue shirts/jackets. Do you think a blue watch would be out of place?
My first watch arrived. Ended up going with Citizen BF0580-14A and it looks exactly like how I hoped it would, and it only cost me around hundred bucks. I'm starting to understand the magical vibe of watches.  
Thanks a ton guys for the tips. I had to go for a different watch since the Orient Capital wasn't available in my country. Instead, I went for a Citizen watch of the same style. Going to post a pic when I get it later this week. Cheers!  
 Thanks guys. While taking a closer look at the watch I posted, I noticed it's in the women's section. Is there a great difference between guys and girls dress watches? And does this watch have some features which clearly make it a woman's watch? I really like this watch but couldn't find a similar one in the men's watch section. Am I making a big mistake if I still order it?
I've become increasingly interested in joining the watch club lately. Are there any basic rules of thumb I should consider when getting my first watch, like matching the color of the band, belt and shoes? How about the color of markers, hands, dial etc? Orient Capital UG1R003W caught my eye since I really like the looks of dress watches and it fits my price range. What do you folks think? Yey or ney?  
Excuse me but do you know what trolling means? It means provoking people into senseless arguments and trying to make other users mad. This thread is nothing about trolling unless you just began the trolling. We are supposed to have fun here and not be serious, the less serious the better ideas I get. Making the suit will cost me about $100 since I am in China so it's not like I'm spending huge amounts of money on it, it's just for fun and for messing around. Pictures will...
Haha nice ones! I love the hood idea, I will definitely remember it.   When I have enough ideas and get the suit made I will post a picture here.
Hi!   So I am looking for some ideas to create the most ridiculous looking suit in existence. I will have it made by a tailor in China and the idea is to look so horrendous that it's funny, it'll be used in parties and for some random messing around. The suit must be made with ordinarily available materials for tailors. Any ideas, suggestions? I've been thinking maybe leopard pattern or perhaps a picture of my own face in the back. Show me your worst!   Thanks.
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