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If you're going to look at his 2013 collection I think it qualifies as "trendy".
I believe worsted wool would be a good blazer fabric you can wear year round.
This thread can go on and on and never gets old. Dressing appropriately is important to me with just enough skin to show without being too exposed in public.
Where are you going or to what event are you using it for?
That Dolce & Gabbena + The North Faith definitely cracked me up! What will they think of next?
I'm pretty sure Gap or Guess stores have it, then there's always Nordstrom or Macy's.
Yeah I agree, the ties are fine, try changing your shirts
When I think of polo shirts I think of Lacoste, nuff said.
This is a nice thread I'm learning quite a lot in here.
A striped light blue shirt and tie with diagonal stripe lines. That would be a nice combination to the solid blazer.
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