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I have not had a issue with Quality, for me, the quality has been very good for the price.  Fit is another story, but that's what a tailor is for :)
I agree with you about the COS look.  I'm not sure what you mean by "standard no break" I don't think there is a standard for no break in pants. I think its about preference.  For example, i wear my pants with no break, Thom Browne style. I think that pants with no break (no matter how extreme) is how you get the clean look your tying to achieve.  
  Yes, they do.  I'm a big fan of the " five pocket pant" in general. I've tried many.  I have to say that these  are absolutely my favorite.  They are made with a thick twill with a  bit of a stretch which makes the fit perfect ( and ideal for bike riding) :)  I wish that they came in black, though. :(
Great proxy service from Richard. Thanks Richard, I will be using you again real soon!
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