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I like those!  Any following the same form factor without wingtip?  maybe in brown?  finding that perfect shoe is hard, and also subjective, hahaha what does goodlensboy mean?  do you shoot?
  Sorry to repost, but I didn't probably insert the image.  Anyone know where I can find shoes of this shape as well?  I love the color and shape, I could do without the wingtip though.  Seems low-profile.     http://www.guylook.com/luxurious-city-wingtip-oxford-dress-shoes-shoes-06-en.html
Hey all, I've been lurking for a while and caught the style bug. I found a pair of shoes that I have become obssessed with: http://www.guylook.com/luxurious-city-wingtip-oxford-dress-shoes-shoes-06-en.html Do you knwo of any other shoemaker that resembles that style? Low profile and possibly even same gradation of color? I've been looking for the perfect shoe, and I feel like this is the form I like.
New Posts  All Forums: