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Hi All,   I've been a Brooks Brothers shirt buyer forever - the slim was always perfect, the price was right (especially the sales) and they had enough variety.  For the past year or so, I've been picking up quality issues, most notable with the "standard" blue non-iron dress shirt.  Doesn't really hold a press, never looks crisp, fabric quality seems to have gone down hill, etc.  So, question for the group - has anyone found a brand that has a similar cut and price?...
Thanks, theyare!
I do not ride horses. Is that a prerequisite for owning Barbour clothing?
I just received an olive quilted Barbour Liddesdale jacket as a gift and was wondering what the etiquette was on wearing it with jeans and a blazer.  In my field, there is almost no call to wear suits anymore.  Most prefer to pair dark jeans with a nice sport coat and my old overcoats seem too formal.  I like the look with the Barbour (although I haven't seen anyone actually do it), but understand there opinions against wearing Barbour's waxed jackets with semi-formal...
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