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I thought Viberg no longer carried harness leather. If they got some more hides I would be interested too
I much prefer the leather sole. It looks much better than the rubber soles offered by Viberg, in my opinion
Some derby love from the VIberg blog. Are these the StyleForum special make-ups we're waiting for?      
You're gonna kick yourself if you don't get a pair. These are going to look fantastic when they arrive in a few months. Don't miss out!
Can't wait to see more photos. I bet that will look great as a derby too
Similar to this photo, correct Fok?
I really like the darker brown CXL. I placed my order. Hopefully Fok can do a MTO in the peanut/cognac color too later this year.How many of you have placed an order for the current derby MTO? Just curious
I agree. I just placed my order for the derby. This MTO is exactly how I wanted to order a pair, before I learned that the individual MTO program was discontinued. I would rather pay a premium to get exactly what I want, rather than pay less and not be completely satisfied. That's why I have not bought a pair of Vibergs before today (too many rubber soles, etc). So even though it's just a pair of shoes, I have no problem paying to get exactly what I want
Thank you.Can't wait!
When do we learn how much this MTO will cost? What are acceptable forms of payment? Deposit or pay in full? I'm new at this
New Posts  All Forums: