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I can't wait to see someone post photos of these boots after some wear. They should patina nicely.
I'm not saying this forum needs to be love fest. And I'm not trying to lump every poster into the same basket of those who seem hypercritical of Viberg. I agree that constructive criticism can be helpful to the brand. But the GTMO program is done as a courtesy to forum members. Viberg isn't making a ton of money by making a small number of custom boots for the members on this forum. I realize that the program is already in doubt. But the hyper negative comments won't...
A discussion of which construction method you prefer is fine. But be careful with all the harsh criticism of what Viberg is doing and why. I'm sure Brett reads these comments. He may take them into account when developing new product. But he may also get annoying with all the negativity surrounding his namesake company. So don't be shocked if Viberg suddenly decides to cancel the Styleforum GTMO program because he feels there's no gratitude here. Don't ruin it for...
I found this photo from the June sample sale in NYC: Can anyone identify the leather on the Pachena Bay hikers? I really like the mahogany color. Wondering if Viberg still has it...
I would also be on board for a boot on the 310 last. I haven't seen many on that last. It would be nice for a change
Are we limiting this GMTO to the special leather swatches at the start of the thread? If not I would love this boot in icy mocha CXL on the 2030 with the leather soles. Or in a low cut derby. Any takers?
I thought Viberg no longer carried harness leather. If they got some more hides I would be interested too
I much prefer the leather sole. It looks much better than the rubber soles offered by Viberg, in my opinion
Some derby love from the VIberg blog. Are these the StyleForum special make-ups we're waiting for?      
You're gonna kick yourself if you don't get a pair. These are going to look fantastic when they arrive in a few months. Don't miss out!
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