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Or with a Vibram 705 half sole. Crust CXL! Count me in
I agree. I just have never owned either last, so I have no reference as to fit.
This comparison of the 110 last and 2045 last gives us some good context. They look similar, but the 110 looks roomier in the toe box. I don't know if the complaint with the 110 last concerns heel slippage or something else. I just don't want to see this one get scrapped because too many people don't like the fit.
I agree I can go with the 110 or 2045, whichever gets more interest.As for leather wear, I think that the waxed flesh and crust CXL are so different that they would age/patina drastically different as well. Both would get much darker, since the waxed flesh seems to attract dirt and denim stains. It would have a very blue collar grittiness about it. On the other hand, the crust CXL is untreated, so it can age/patina very quickly. I suspect that the crust CXL will...
I think the 2045 has a similar toe box to the 110, and is not like the 310.I don't want to dash anyone's hopes, but I recall Fok telling us not to discuss leathers outside of his proposed options. There's no sense in getting our hopes up for a leather that is not even an option. All this discussion/debate will be for naught. It seems that the Millwright has been scrapped after all the discussion of a lowered heel that was not possible. I like the proposed make-up of...
I like this build, but I have a couple questions;What is the difference between the 110 last and the 2045 last? They look similar. And from what I have read, some people have problems with the fit of the 110 last, enough in fact that it may impact how many people can get behind this build. Would you consider the 2045 last instead? I think it's telling that Viberg doesn't have any boots on the 110 last currently on their website.Secondly, I thought that we were limiting...
Fok,Can you post a photo of the ply leather sole and dovetail heel? I would like to see an example before I commit.Thanks
I think these would look great as the zip boot
Do it! Or maybe ask Vince or Charlie if they'll make a derby in it for you. With a leather sole that contrast would be......
How will the voting go this round? Will you propose the make-ups and then we vote, or do we have the opportunity to propose make-ups for a vote? I understand that this time you want to streamline the process with fewer options, faster voting period, etc.
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