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For comparison purposes on the 310 last Millwright boot discussion: 1950 service boot 310 last in brown oiled tan with some wear 1950 service boot 310 last in aged bark plain toe service boot 2030 last in crust CXL plain toe service boot 2030 last in tobacco chamois plain toe 2045 last tumbled horsehide with some wear vintage mocha 2030 last vintage mocha 2040 last vintage mocha 310 last derby nut brown 310 last brown CXL 310 last
I could get behind a brown or natural CXL or vintage mocha. Maybe even aged bark or tobacco chamois. But I am curious to see if there are any new leathers Fok can introduce us to that we haven't done before. I think the 310 would be best on a leather that will age well with great character/patina. But it's also about doing something new and interesting, such as nailed down construction and special leathers Viberg doesn't normally use. The 310 last is a gritty work...
My vote for the Millwright is vintage mocha, vibram 705 half sole, nailed down construction, unpunched cap toe, antique brass eyelets on the 310 last
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