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Hey guys,   I've been on the hunt for this FW13 Rick Owens Wax Worker Jacket today. I found it at Acrimony for 30% off, but I just noticed it much cheaper over at Wrong Weather. However, the item description is very poor and I can't tell from the pictures if it's the same jacket.   Acrimony: https://www.shopacrimony.com/products/drkshdw-mens-black-wax-worker-jacket-fw13   Wrong Weather: http://www.wrongweather.net/shop/product/black-worker-jacket     What do you...
Is the No Man Walks Alone sale still Founders only? I'm not seeing anything marked down, and being logged in or adding things to my cart doesn't show any change in prices.
  Oh, derp. I didn't even see that.    They look nice. I was leaning towards the Mirror Half Sole (#2324) or the Richard Half Sole (#2337), both of which I guess are thin and "dressy", so it's nice to have some action shots of a similar style. Thanks!
  Which model half sole is that? I've been trying to decide which one to get, but the images on the Vibram website are not great so it's hard to really tell what they look like.
I have a $150 e-gift card to Men's Wearhouse.   Asking $125 or best offer. PM if interested, please.
Anyone know of some other places that carry the Fang in Black, besides direct from SNS? Or the Fang in general? I checked all the stores on their US stockist list, but either they don't have a web presence, the store has shut down, their website doesn't list SNS Herning as an available brand, or they just don't carry the Fang at all. The handful that do carry the model don't have it Black, and are pretty much sold out across the board anyway. I would prefer to deal in...
All of these things look amazing, thank you for the pictures! Any idea who is going to be stocking those Horween/Buttero collabs? Was there a high-top model?
I've been putting off wearing these since I got them cause I want to treat them first, but work has been killing me with the overtime lately. Does anyone happen to know offhand if there's anywhere that might have better prices on the Obenaufs products than this combo package? https://www.obenaufs.com/index.php?route=product/product&path=34&product_id=57
I hate to bump an old thread, but I have a similar question and nothing more recent or relevant showed up in a search. I am looking for one of two models of the Buttero AW12 high-top sneakers.   These: https://www.porvocacao.com/shop/new-arrivals/#!/buttero-scuffed-leather-hi-top-sneakers-black/1383     or these: http://shop.tres-bien.com/brand/buttero/tanino-high-leather-black       Both places are sold out of my size, and I think the pair from...
I just received a pair of Original's from Crane's. I will post pictures once I decide which sole I want to add and have it completed, but for the moment I want to continue the love for anyone else new or on the fence; ordering from Crane's was an absolute pleasure. A small e-mail exchange and 15 minutes of my time and I had an order processed and paid for. Shipping was extremely fast and the boots are in perfect condition. David was prompt, courteous, and communicative...
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