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 This ^ Once you throw some boot oil and LP on them, that dark spot won't be noticeable. Especially after you've worn them for a couple of months...  FYI: My boots also came with a blemish (I posted pics a while back) so I feel your pain. After treating/wearing them, I really have to look hard to see it. 
The best way to protect your boots would be a heavy duty LP like Montana Pitch Blend, or Obenauf's.  Montana Pitch Blend will darken your boots (so will Obenauf's). I've been using MPB on my boots for 2+ years with no issues. 
I wouldn't apply any colored polish to that scuff. I did that to a scuff when I first got my boots. Even though I used a lighter colored polish, it made the scuff significantly darker. I'd just dab a little boot oil on the affected area.  Personally, I'd just ignore it. When I first got a scuff on my boots, I was like you, and wanted to get rid of it (they were only a week old). I've been wearing my 1K's for 2+ years, and they have plenty of scuffs now.  In my opinion, it...
I paid a little over $30. 
Go with the Vibram Raptor. They work well here in CO.  
If you're willing to spend that much cash for some hiking boots, give Limmer & Sons a look. Otherwise check out Danner's US made boots. I have a pair of Mountain Light II boots. Love them. 
Per Feit's FAQ:  "WHERE ARE YOUR PRODUCTS MADE? FEIT products are made all over the world - ranging from America, Australia, Italy and China. The origin selected depends on the product being produced, the desired construction and where the craftsmen exist that can best execute it to the highest qualityAll our shoes are hand made in China. Let us explain why.There are only a small number of people in the world that are capable of doing the work we require. This includes...
I used Crane's method on the leather portions of the boot. I didn't do anything to the canvas. I may try Filson's wax, Otter Wax, or Fjallraven Greenland Wax sometime in the future... 
I bought a pair of Rowan's from STP last month for that price. Great boots! I also liked the fact that they weren't factory seconds. 
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