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In ebay, pricedrop for non ebay sales.
masks on holies are for seessays :3
I think they are pretty well done. I like the hardware, despite being no Riri, but some italian (raccagni) TF seems to use them. The lamb on mine is substantial and feels like it could age well, if the woolen set ins last that long.   A few things to dislike. With woolen inner and inserts in arms it is pretty much f/w bound. I´d prefer arm zips over the woolen inserts. The collar could have done been better. Closed it works well, but I prefer to wear the jacket open and...
I assume its an older collection f/w, since it was on yoox. (sold out around november) it has a woolen inner and woolen set ins in the arms.   was kinda a blind buy, since there was nearly no talk about those jackets to be found anywhere . But I´m pretty happy with it and in europe I would have been able to return for free.
  on mine the upperarms/shoulders are definetely the most restrictive part. If you work out a lot, I´d size up to 54 if not 52 could work but will be VERY fitted, maybe too much so.   3-4 months old sz 52 (between 41 and 42 chest, shoulders about the same)   [[SPOILER]]
100% AUTH BNWT GIVENCHY 2 button/ 2 vents suit with polka dot lining, pocketts still sealed, trousers unhemmed. Made in france! Comes with Givenchy Hanger. UVP 1100 €   Very nice casual red/white striped suit. Allways wanted to wear with straw hat and sandals to some beach, sadly grew out the p2p which I´d estimate at ~ 42". Pretty slim fit. Will edit in measurements.   Shipping from Germany, charges depend on destination, also add paypal. Havn´t sold something...
they fit kinda big (like nearly all italian made) a 44 fits a 295mm (45 2/3 in adidas/nike alikes). Snug on some syles, but way better than a 45 would.
Since lurking for quite some time, I thought I might as well get myself some bashing      [[SPOILER]]           first snow yesterday     [[SPOILER]]
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