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Well in addition to having a penchant for backwards caps, I am 21, in college, and unemployed. So yea, clearly I do marijuana.
Flexing in Kohl's. So above this pleb shit. yea.   GDP x Harris Tweed, Heritage Research, Gant, Levis, Eastland MiM x Eligens of Barcelona
Woah Timberland... Good shit!   $120
Stoked on perfect weather!   Persol Field Scout John Elliot + Co Wings & Horns Jack Purcell   I'll be updating this fit in the coming weeks with some new kicks and a varsity jacket .
Diemme X Stone Island, what do you all think?
Medium mercer tank is 27.5" in the front and 29" in the back, 19" pit to pit.
Purchased a Mercer tank today. Thank you for the discount 
    John Elliott Mercer tank
Black Military boots are on my "to buy list." I figured the moccasin style boots were excusable for now since the jacket I'm wearing has a hiking feel to it. Thank you for your advice.
New Posts  All Forums: