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Hey all, question about park last. How is it compared to olfe? I have olfe in 7uk and it's super comfortable. Would i be 7uk in park, or would I have to size up? Thanks for advice!
Question, might come in tomorrow... would i be able to look at fabrics and get measured in case i decide to move forward with a purchase for MTO or MTM?
Can you explain the difference between MTO and MTM for you? Pricing as well, please.
Do you have a full canvas option for MTM sport coats or suits?
full measurement plrase
Interesting. I remember paying attention to this for the industry I'm in, but didn't cross my mind that it would have a bigger impact on something far more important, my indulgence in European clothing!
Just got a pair of these, will post pictures when possible. Live in Toronto and got dinged for $144 in taxes and duties . Gotta love Canada! 
Hi Meermin,   i have left several emails to you regarding a pair of 102470 - BURGUNDY NATURCALF. It's been well past the time I was told (3 months). Please update me.   Thanks
15.5, 15.75? 
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