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Depending on your individual environment black dress shirts can work. My work requires me to deal with a diverse group of people from all economic backrounds for me being TOO stylish can hurt. A black shirt with a simple tie and a light grey suit is a good look for me but I can see how it isnt for everyone
Don't take the bracelet off. Don't worry about it at all. MOST people are too unaware to notice it and the few that do will not mention it.   The tiebar ties are GREAT for what they are.   Please for the love of all that is good do NOT wear your Bates again.   THROW THEM AWAY. DO IT NOW
Colin Powell outside the visitors center at Arlington.   I went to high school with author/MMA fighter Forrest Griffin   A TON of golfers as I worked at the Augusta National a bunch of years during Masters week.   A smattering of foreign leader at the G8 summit in Sea Island GA a few years back   John Legend (worked at a venue he performed at
Kampmann is a great technical fighter who makes very few mistakes but you can't drop your hands for a second in the cafe with a fighter like Hendricks.
I spent 2 years in law enforcement before leaving for the finance world. I am actually still a reserve police officer and LOVE the work but I just can't make the type of $ that I want to make in law enforcement. I made my yearly LEO salary in 3 months in finace (factoring in bonus/commissions).
I was recently gifted the below square and LOVE it. I had some experience in solid color squares but had never tried a pattern one before and it looks great.  
The wifey and I have two cars right now an 05 Rav4sport that she drives and my new to me 2011 Audi A5. Just picked it up yesterday and FREAKING love it so far. Very smooth and awesome handling.   Pic from the dealer
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