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I have the Chippewa GQ boots (which are quite similar to the Katahdins), has anyone found a good pair of replacement laces, that are shorter?
I'm looking to purchase a reversible Temple of Jawnz TOJ1 Varsity in Size 44 or 46, any color schemes will be considered. This is the style I want:
Can't believe I missed that SNS Herning deal. If anyone who managed to order ends up not wanting theirs, I'm looking to purchase.
Thanks, Peacoat. I'll look for a 19" P2P.
So I should base it off of the p2p measurement? Which do you think would be a good p2p for me? 
Does anybody know how Chippewa GQ's fit compared to Iron Rangers? I tried Iron Rangers on, but I might just go for the cheaper Chippewas.
Could someone help me figure out what size I should get, and which pea coat? I don't have a specific budget, but the vintage military jackets seem to be the best bargain, especially the WWII models. I'm 5'8", 130 lbs, my chest measures 35", and my waist measures 31.5". I'm hoping for a pretty slim fit, that will keep me warm, but will be able to fit a thin sweater underneath if I need to. I'm thinking that I would be around a size 34, but I'm not sure.    Also, does...
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