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This is not any retail store, they have benefits and its commission. Google it.
retail sales 
Any tips/advice before I call em up tomorrow?
how often per day should I shower?
As from a reply in the official hair thread based on my hairstyle from a most up to date picture   (which was in the fall time so not really...) a side part such as the one below was reccommended to me     I was wondering about a place I could get this well done at as well as a shave... also do you guys agree with the hairstyle?  I'm going for a business look
  Oh goodness does anyone know where I can get similar pants? What are those kind of pants called? Maybe the brand name?
I appreciate the input. I like to wear things that FIT me you know, not too baggy. The jeans are American Eagle. But ofcourse Ill check them out! This is my whole xmas makeover Dont want to look like a teen no more Im 19yo 
what product should I use to style that because I dont want to have too much of a wet goopy gel look or at least I dont want my hair to stiff up like it usually does with gel. Although its lovely 
Could you please show me an image for an example for a ruffled side part? Neither I nor women for that matter have a problem with my clothes this is the first time I hear this kind of thing, if any constructive criticism on my clothes is available I would gladly appreciate it. I can assure you it's all male clothing aha :P 
  Any haircut + facial hair recommendations ?
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