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I see what you're saying. Thanks for explaining further. A good tailor can't fix that?
The shoulder pads are kind of big. I'm thinking if I move down to a 36 and have the shoulder pads replaced with smaller ones, it might fit better.   Hugo Boss store already said they won't do it. I would have to take it to my own tailor, but even then I'm worried it won't get fixed or look right.   Sloped forward? Actually, when I sloped my shoulders forward it would correct the creases in the sleeve.   A good tailoring job can't salvage it, huh?
I tried one size down and the sleeves did the same thing. The problem with the smaller size was the chest was too small causing the front to stick out a bit. So from a size standpoint, it doesn't make a difference in the sleeves. Maybe you're right that the cut might be the problem
This one was a 38. I tried the 36 and it did the same thing, plus the chest area was too tight.   And for both sizes, when I brought my arms forward, the wrinkles disappeared.
Some additional information that I previously left out: Someone told me that the sleeve needs to be rotated at the shoulder. I found this animation in another thread (credit to tailorgod). Does anyone think that's the problem? If so, is it fixable and is it an easy alteration? Or is the problem with the shoulder? Someone else said it might be a shoulder pad issue.
Hi Everyone! This is my first post, but I have been a longtime guest reader and appreciate all the great advice from the contributors.   I have been looking for a tuxedo and the Hugo Boss Carey Grant has caught my eye. It's got the peak lapels I want at the right price point. It's not as slim as I'd like it to be, but their in-house tailor said he can take in the jacket and pants to make it fit more like the Hugo (red) line. There is however one problem. The...
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