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Thank you! Trying to decide what to get from Haven now.
Definitely interested.
This thread is certainly inspiring. The appeal of clothes that age only grows stronger with every revisit, and I am definitely visiting Blue Owl when I find the time off work. Just found out about Blue Owl at the Blackbird holiday party thanks to a forum member.
When talking to the tailor about hemming the trousers, keep in mind that tailors often have different ideas of what "hemming trousers" means. How the pants rest on the shoe is referred to as "break" because of how the fabric folds. The fashion of the moment is having no break in the trousers, but like anything this can be overdone. Make sure you bring your shoes with you when you are having the pants marked for alterations, and ask the tailor for just a little break if...
They just put up Merino socks which, I know, doesn't sound exciting. However, I love merino socks and their merino is especially choice. Three pairs for $60.00 is a decent deal especially since Marciolani Italian socks in cotton and merino run about $24.00 a pop.
SSense has a bunch of Common Projects marked down 30% or more if anyone is looking to buy.
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