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Thought you guys might like this (unaffiliated and not written by me)   Art of The Pocket Square by Girard Perregaux   Actually includes Kent Wang and Hermes
I appreciate the compliment. I have put a lot of work into customizing it but I can't take credit for the base design. Over 90% of it is probably still entirely how it came in the package from Vlad at Duotive.
Good luck to you and your wife, Gavin. I just followed some of your boards on pinterest considering they are actually directly related to our website at  
I mean he's correct though. Not trying to knock you or be unhelpful but the source of your problems isn't the pocket square, it's learning how to actually fold and fit it so it actually complements you and the suit. As helpful as I can be though, the blue colour is a better match to the tie and shirt.
Sincerely well done man, good find.
This is beautiful. I can't believe the price. Must be some sort of service nightmare to go with it.
Squarespace does everything in one package, yes. They have hosting, click-and-drag development and they even handle your domain registrations (like most hosting providers do but you've already registered yours yourself).   I actually met the guys running Squarespace in NY and they're decent people, but SS is known to be very slow to react on the development side to people's needs. Having said that, a private equity boutique firm i used to work for were the ones that...
It may be a little late in this season for this style of pocket square, but I found a very adventurous one at Boticca. Their young French designer Antagoniste does a "Bones" Pocket Square that I find adds a little excitement.   I'm actually affiliated with them but I don't get anything for mentioning this hear and Antagoniste is one of the few names I have mentioned around to everyone.
Well, it depends with regards to the SEO issue. If you are looking for it to be a reference for your pre-existing legal work and clients, SEO will be less important. You'll have people spreading your site anyway.   Presentation does count for a lot in any purpose. I'd recommend starting up with the Wordpress-based web company Elegant Themes if you want to do it yourself with little help and coding experience. They have a plugin called Elegant Theme Builder which is a...
It is very time intensive. I was told "you can't do it by yourself" when I set up my first website this year. (my very first website ever was in 2010 and that was an expensive mistake but valuable lesson).   Naturally, I had to make things harder on myself by setting up a network of two websites.   My only advice is you will need to stick to it with zero to little reward for (at the very minimum) the first three months. So if you want to make things easier on all...
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