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Yep, pants as well. I doubt I'll ever see RL purple label in Columbus, so I was pretty excited.
Is this what I'm hoping it is? If it is, I'd love to know the story of how it ended up in Columbus, Ohio.     [[SPOILER]]
Have been skipping over the coats lately, but I do take a quick look looking for leather and down filled. Thankfully, because I found this yesterday (headed to eBay to help finance a trip to Arizona for spring training next month). Thrift store had it marked at $40, but it was half off day.     [[SPOILER]]
Planning ahead for some summer weddings, looking for a linen suit. 42s, 36 or 38 pants. Thought I'd check here early since I have plenty of time.
  That is beautiful. I scope out the furniture but it's an endless sea of particle board so far.
Wanted to bump this one time because I'm still new and getting stuck in moderation to ask if anyone knows anything about this vest. Also asked in the tag ID thread but no luck.
Went out today and found a couple of interesting things.   Vintage Ralph Lauren Polo Down hunting pullover, large, probably headed to eBay:     [[SPOILER]]   I posted this in the ID thread also, but I'm assuming this isn't the Rocky Mountain I'm looking for? Label in spoiler. I have searched and searched and can't find anything anywhere on the manufacturer. Complicating matters further, if I Google "Rocky Mountain Overall & Shirt Works" it comes up as a Wyoming...
I can't find anything about this brand at all, long shot probably, but is it related to Rocky Mountain Featherbed? It seems really odd to me that it's a down filled vest, same name, but not same style and made in Korea.    
Recent things I have found:     [[SPOILER]]   Two medium Orvis knits with elbow patches. First Orvis I have seen in Columbus. Might give one to my brother in law, but these are available if anyone is interested.   Ties are JCrew on the right and:     Another first for me in Columbus. Unfortunately has a small spot I didn't notice in store, but I may be able to either get it out or wear it under sweaters.   Shopping cart pic, Brooks Brothers sports coat, tag dates it...
Thanks guys, appreciate the help.  
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