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Sorry, my only real camera is broken at the moment  
Fit check on this suit jacket? I'm afraid it's too large on the shoulders, but the size down was too small everywhere else. Thoughts?
I was gonna say Iron Rangers but those might be too much in a tropical climate
First waywt here. Pretty boring outfit. I'd love to hear some feedback before I expand my wardrobe this fall. I already know that the shirt should be ironed and the pants are too big in the waist. Thanks!   [[SPOILER]]
Also, if you like hats:
Let's get this started. TOJ, Gitman, Oak street. 1 and 3 are americana-ish but I could see them being worn in a more streetwear-ish way.    
Waist on these stretches a lot. I'm gonna wait a month then get it resized. I'm doing some squats to help the fit in the back
Double cuff. I'll probably hem them sometime soon. Thanks!
How's the fit on these? what alterations, if any, should I get done? Ignore the crappy shirt and posture in the first pic      
Reigning Champ Jersey tee for $30 + shipping  
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