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you mean these..? i can get them for GBP212       
Just bought this Latinen top for $98
I have the same pair in faded black/grey - the sole is super light - and they wear with most trousers quite well..even with shorts in my case. Keep them.  
haven't heard that one before... I purchased some juun j from OC presale. luckily for me they had it in stock..
Whats La Garconne's packaging like? I've wanted to buy from them a couple of times - some yohji - but it's always more expensively priced compared with other stores..?
Dries Van Noten Shirt Jacket from LN-CC       Margiela Relaxed Silhouette Trousers at 2-TIMES    
Some advice on Lanvin chelsea creeper boots.   How does the sizing run for Lanvin?    I'm Looking to pick up a pair for a friend from Forward by Elyse Walker - and he usually wears US11/UK10. They have an EU45 remaining - which seems ok..    
I have this jacket - picked it up from mr porter. Sales alert for Raf - now 50% off at & 50-60% off at 2-Times Selling quickly.  
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