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Gentlemen,I fear that this whole thing has been blown out of all proportion.Neither party was totally right or indeed totally wrong,but the whole incident was resolved within a day of me hearing about it for the first time(when I read about it on here!). Both parties are comfortable working with each other.....and have been for a long time I think it best that we all move on.
Thank you....the phone call offer stands. It would seem the best way to discuss any issues you may have had.
This is certainly not the right place to discuss things,and the offer of a phone call stands. Your order was cancelled yesterday(Monday) and your money refunded! 
You ordered on Wednesday.....this is Sunday....please explain where the 4 working days are......Thursday was day one,Friday day two........Monday and Tuesday are our next working days.....I fear that you are a tad impetuous with your complaint,which along with your lack of activity on here.......makes me rather suspicious.   I look forward to your call.   Robin Stewart.
Sir....I'm afraid that I am not quite sure what point you are trying to make. I would love to speak to you about your "complaint". Please contact me with your phone number and I shall call you,or if you wish ring me on my mobile at any time 07545 152056.I await your response. Robin Stewart MD Robinsons Shoemakers
Thank you Mark email address is I can assure you that I will investigate immediately. I have no doubt that my company every other....gets things wrong from time to time,which is why I am happy to deal with  complaints personally as soon as I am made aware of them.   Cheers,   Robin Stewart
You have my word that the offer was 100% genuine! I did not give this customer a free pair of shoes because his case did not justify is as simple as that! It would be wrong of me to go into the "ins and outs "of this whole affair on here,however if the supposed injured party who made the original post wants me to do that ,then I shall.
There is an old saying "you will never please all of the people all of the time!" Thankfully at Robinsons we do manage to please most of the people,most of the time! I must admit that I disagree with many of your comments,but then again I am slightly biased as I designed and made them!
Email me on and I will give you info. on the best way to clean "rosewood" Barkers.  
I am the MD of Robinsons Shoemakers-my email address is mobile phone number is 07545152056-my landline is 02893 367216.   I have with a vast amount of disappointment,bordering on absolute disgust just read this posting! I can assure you that I knew absolutely nothing about this whole thing!! I would be obliged if you could contact me asap to discuss this.   I will make it an absolute priority to get to the bottom of this. I would...
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