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Do one in Salt Lake City!
Yes, I'm still in college, in the fraternity. The others mostly wore suits. I might have seen a few odd jackets; wasn't paying much attention, although one guy had a tux, but with a not-white shirt, not-black vest (not a waistcoat), and a patterned not-black bowtie.
Hmm...just went to an event hosted by my fraternity. The dress code was black tie, although knowing them, I didn't think they knew what they were talking about. But I didn't give a duck and attended in black tie anyway, and as expected, was the only one wearing what could be considered black tie. Not even the guy who set the dress code.
Hey, sorry for the late reply. I've got a suit, shirt, and tux from them. This is the only bespoke tailor I've had experience with, but I think they do a good job and try to do as you say. Fit is also very good (although I've had comments tha the trousers are a bit narrow), such that I've used my bespoke pieces' measurements as references for additional MTM garments. They also have good business practices, so they'll take care of you long after the transaction. They do...
Can I save this? It seems to fit in the shoulders (maybe even a bit narrow), and the armholes are small enough. I know what to do with the sleeves: short enough to just cover my shirt cuffs. What else should I do?   Here are its measurements:   chest (right under arms) 102 waist 96 hip 104 sleeve 65 length (in back from neckline down) 82   A well-fitting jacket: chest 96 waist 86 hip 98 sleeve 54 length 69   Me: chest...
I would take a picture of the other half of my bed, which is a pile of underwear, but that's not all that glorious, is it?
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