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I was just wondering what kind of deal I got. I don't think I would sell it. The tag said it cost $750 new, and it seems hardly worn if worn at all. The replacement buttons are still in the pocket and there are no signs of wear at all. It was actually for sale at $200 but the store was having a 50% of sale. I was curious if the $750 was correct, but after looking up prices on the internet I believe it is. The whole coat is shearling, even the sleeves and hood. 
No, there isn't any lining. Wool on one side and suede on the other. There are two flaps, no zippers or anything. They look like they must be an added layer of wool.  
Any idea what the flap inside is for? 
Yes, it is shearling.
I just picked up a coat at a consignment shop for $95. It is a Sawyer of Napa suede coat with wool lining, horn buttons and a detachable hood. It looks like it was never worn. I found that Sawyer of Napa is made in the US but this says made in India. I was wondering what this might be worth. Also there is a little flap on the inside. I can't figure out its purpose. Does anyone know anything about this coat?
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