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 stake out ebay.they have some good decent sellers there of the wabasha with many ranging conditions of the wabash. saw a few of wabash lately on ebay.
 i find the iron ranger narrow,so half a size down would be much better IMO.
yeah me too,if its too long its gonna look like a clown i'm also suffering a runners heel for my right foot,gonna need to find an insole or just a heel absorber something like that.
For my personal experience on Iron Ranger,its good to have a more loose fit so you can wear thick socks or extra insole cause i find them not that comfy to wear. My US8.5D was snug fit,so i wear them with thin socks my feet hurts like hell. but i can't even insert an extra insole cause its already snug.i'm gonna get like a shoe expander something like that.. it doesnt hurt if the shoe is 0.5 bigger.
@seeldodger:thats nice evo so far. is that the grand indigo?
my post wash pics  
Thanks guys. Before this JBxMomo,i had 2 nudies that was organic and that took time to fade. I do feel that this JB fades quite fast.
Update of my 0400SP momo that i bought from Jay at BlueOwl. :) almost a year now,got them around december last year. been wearing them a lot,starting april this year I started to rotate them with the IHxMBB. This has been washed i think 3 times now. This latest pics is the pics before i wash the for the third time.                       I like how the leg part is getting hairy.maybe cause there's less contact there unlike my...
HI Sadik,we have the same issue with the iron ranger. I bought my iron ranger ins US8.5D and also the 9075 Moc in US8.5D. the 9075 fits nice,although now they feel bit loose. The Iron ranger is bit snug/tight just like yours. I did put a shoe tree in them and wear thin far they're starting to be ok.but they still feel stiff maybe cause of the chaparral leather. next time I'm gonna buy a US9 for Iron ranger,cause I like to have an extra insole in them due to my...
yeap I guess a US8 is your best guess. I wear a US9.5 in vans,and i can wear a US8.5 D or US8 E for moc toes. But from my experience with Iron Ranger,i would prefer a US9D for a bit breathing room in them and i need sometimes to have an extra insole cause of my runners' heel.right now my US8.5 iron range is very snug so there's no room for an extra insole. but for my US8.5D Mocs,they're fine and even now feels roomier.
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